Summary by chapters of One Hundred Years of Solitude chapters 5 to 9

Summary by chapters of One Hundred Years of Solitude, chapters 5 to 9

Chapter Five

The priest Nicanor officiated the wedding ceremony between Remedios and Aurelian. For his part, Pietro Crespi learns of his mother’s death and the marriage to Rebekah, who was to be officiating at the time with the other wedding, was cancelled. He then decided to postpone the marital union with Rebekah, until three years later, on the occasion of the completion of the temple work, but before the three years passed, Rebeca died.

A short time later, José Arcadio appears again on the scene, who had fled and Rebekah, falls madly in love, abandoning the European Crespi. They married within three days of the young José Arcadio. So Pietro Crespi, witnessing what happened, proposes to Amaranta, who seduced him, but they agreed to wait a while.

Political elections are held and Aureliano discovers the tricks of the conservatives, thus squealing a revolt for the liberals and that is when Aureliano becomes the famous Colonel Aureliano Buendía.

Chapter Six

Colonel Aureliano Buendía abandons Macondo, on the occasion of his incorporation into the liberal forces. He left under Macondo, his nephew Arcadio, son of Pilar Ternera, who was considered to be the worst of the village’s leaders and who led dozens of people, including the corrector himself, who was saved by Ursula Iguarán .

At one point, Arcadian tries to seduce Pilar Ternera, completely unaware that she was his mother. Eventually, he was shot by the Conservatives, in the middle of the central square.

Colonel Aureliano Buendía fathered 17 children, each of a different woman, during the war period.

Pietro Crespi commits suicide after being rejected by Amaranta, who told him they would no longer marry.

Chapter Seven

In May the atrocious war ended, but Colonel Aureliano along with his “right-hand man” Gerineldo Marquez, were captured as prisoners. In prison, he was sentenced to death and his last will was to die in his beloved Macondo. But at the precise moment he was to be shot, José Arcadio appears armed with a shotgun and manages to relapse him.

At the same time, the attempt edifization of the liberal general, Victorio Medina, by Captain Roque Butcher in the company of six soldiers was carried out, but they failed in his attempt, because by the time he arrived, he had already been shot.

As Colonel Aureliano was saved, he set out to gather an entire army and declared war on the regime and was given the title of “head of the revolutionary forces”. The Colonel appointed his trusted man, Gerineldo Marquez, as Macondo’s civilian and military chief.

Marquez fell in love with Amaranta and proposed that they marry, but she rejected him. In another scene, Aureliano sends a letter to Ursula informing him that his father José Arcadio was nearing death. Then they loved him in bed and he died soon after.

Chapter Eight

Amaranta is still intended, but this time by her nephew Aureliano José, but this was another on the list of those rejected by her. Colonel Aureliano, on a visit to Macondo, takes his son Aureliano José to enlist in the ranks of the war. Weeks later, some rumors began that the colonel had passed away.

But it was not so, Aureliano ended up being shot by his “friend” the mayor of Macondo, the conservative general José Raquel Moncada. Aureliano José decided to abort the military ranks because he was very much in love with his aunt Amaranta, who again dares to reject him once again, because he was in love with Gerineldo Márquez, who had previously intended it as well.

Ten sons of Aureliano are named in this chapter, all named after their father, and Ursula is responsible for receiving them at home. The episode culminates with the shooting of Aureliano José, by the captain of the conservatives, Achilles Ricardo.

Chapter Nine

Although Amaranta missed Gerineldo, he is again rejected again in his marriage proposal. At the same time, Aureliano returns to Macondo and one day, went to return General Moncada’s personal belongings to his widow, but ended up ranting and burning her house.

The Liberal party had split, since Teofilo Vargas took over the central command of the Liberals, but with the support of a captain, Aureliano wants to assassinate him to return to power. But before he executes it, he’s squealing consciousness and to make amends, he murders the captain who supported him in that purpose.

Later, Aureliano is visited by a liberal commissioner who begins to persuade him with reform ideas opposed to his ideology, but accepted them. Gerineldo, upon learning of this, accuses them of traitors, but by his words he was sentenced to death. Ursula intervenes in the conflict, observing so much blood shed, getting Aurelian to try to end the war.

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Summary by chapters of One Hundred Years of Solitude chapters 5 to 9
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