Examples of prepayment application letters

Within the administration of personnel and business, it is known as a letter of application for advance to that document by which a worker or company formally requests, through a written communication, an advance of the agreed salary or even of the resources to do what was previously agreed.

In this sense it could then be said that there are two types of letters of advance: the first, written and directed by a worker to his boss or staff office, in order to request an advance of his salary or social benefits. The second is the one by which a supplier requests a certain amount of (economic or material) supplies from the company that hired it, in order to start or continue with the service for which it was contracted.

Almost always each company has pre-established formats for such applications, where the requesting worker or supplier must only fill in the empty spaces, in order to fill out the form with which they will request what is required. However, most companies also request, in addition to this format, a letter of explanatory memorandum, where the employee or supplier expresses the required and the reasons for making such a request.

Below we will give an example of each of the cases, so that the user can be clear about the precise data, as well as how to write such a letter, in case you need to request, sometime before the company where you work , a down payment:

Letter requested for pay down payment

As mentioned above, this letter is written regularly by the worker or employee of a company, in order to ask his employer or the staff office to be advanced some of his salary, which will be discounted from his next payment or fortnight.

Although domestic economics specialists say this isn´t a good strategy for the family budget, most companies have such mechanisms, so that the worker can cope with some personal emergency.

However, anyone who requests it should always be aware that in their next payment they will feel the consequences of having asked for an advance, and that they can also see their fortnightly budget squared out.

Continuing with how to make this type of communication, it is important to indicate which and in what order the data that the pay down application letter should contain. In this way the data that must have all communication of this type are as follows:

  • City and date (right-aligned)
  • Charge and Name of the Person to whom the letter is addressed (bold)
  • Name of the office where the person to whom the communication is addressed works
  • Company Name
  • Communication title (focused and bold)
  • Letter body: in this space must identify the worker, as well as make express his request, as well as the number of fees in which he asks to pay the advance that he requires.
  • Signature, in this space the worker places his first and last name, as well as the identification number, both civil and the one that he manages in the company.

Given this list of data, we will then proceed to give an example of what could be a pay down application letter:

Washington, July 23, 1994

Mr. Arnold Kean

Staff Office

Colombian Airmen

Salary Advance Application

Receive from me a cordial greeting, extended to all the members of the task team of this unit.

The purpose of this is to apply to the Office that you represent to me to be awarded a salary advance of 120$ (one hundred and twenty dollars), and I also ask this unit that this amount be cut me off three quotas followed by 40$ ( forty thousand dollars) corresponding to my next fortnights, so that I can repay the debt as soon as possible.

I also inform this Office of Personnel that this loan I request ed to cover family expenses caused by my wife’s accident, which has generated in our home expenses for which we weren´t prepared. Thanking you for your attention, and waiting for your cooperation, I bid farewell to you,

Kind regards


Arnold Kean


Worker’s number 247869

Resource advance letter

There is also the prepayment letter by which a supplier requests the company or institution that hired it the material or the supplies offered and required to carry out that agreed activity. Like the first communication, it must also contain certain precise data, which should go in the following order:

  • City and Date (right-aligned)
  • Charge and name of the person to whom it is addressed (bold)
  • Dependency represented by this person
  • Company name
  • Application title
  • Letter body: in this part the provider specifies the reason for its communication, that is, what is what you are requesting.
  • Signature, here must also go the identification number of the person, as well as the data of the company that the latter represents.

An example of a prepayment request letter for supplies or resources might then be the following:

Singapore, 6 December 1998

Mr. Andrew Smith

Purchasing Director

Chinese papers

Resource Advance Application

Please welcome from us a warm greeting extended to all members of your company, who put the best of them by day by offering a quality product.

The purpose of this is to request to the firm that you represent an advance of twelve per cent (12%) on the total amount established for the construction of eight sheds, intended to house the new rotary, which amounts to 100,000$ (one hundred thousand dollars) in order to be able to start with the construction of the first two buildings, for administrative staff.

We also admit that the application for this amount is outside the dates established in the contract signed between his company and ours, but it is necessary to begin the construction of such buildings, in order to be able to finish the total of the work in time, so these resources will be intended for the purchase of material, payment of labor, as well as obtaining the required legal permits.

Without further reference, I say goodbye to you,

Kind regards


James Stiwart

CI 14613278

Company Number: J-135556598

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Examples of prepayment application letters
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September 11, 2019

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