Employee Work Records Examples

Within the world of Personnel Administration, it is known as Constancy of Work to the written communication – almost always issued at the request of the worker – by means of which a Company records that a person provides its services in it.

Therefore, this type of Records are required for certain civil and legal procedures, such as the application for a mortgage or a credit card, the completion of immigration procedures, the rental of a property, the purchase on credit for any furniture or appliance, opening a bank account.

That is, for any diligence where it is necessary to leave in writing proof that we work and we are productive people that we will have in the future how to respond for our responsibilities.

In this sense, a record of work must have the following data, which in turn should be ordered as follows:

  • Company letterhead sheet
  • City and date (right-aligned)
  • Title of Communication in sustained and bold capital letters (Constance of Work, Labour Certification, employee Letter, depending on the name you receive in each country or city)
  • Body of communication: this section usually shows the worker’s position, as well as his date of entry, which gives an account of his seniority, as many institutions request it to check the stability of the worker, not providing his complacency to who are less than six months old. Likewise, in the Constancy of Work must appear the net salary accrued by the worker, as well as the method of payment (monthly, biweekly, weekly or daily).
  • Signature, where the name, position and identification number of the person issuing the record is placed, because even if the company does, it needs someone to represent it, so it is almost always signed by the Director of Personnel, and sometimes by the owner or president of the Company.
  • However, the form of writing of the body of Constancia varies depending on the type of employment relationship between the employee and his employer. In this way there may be employee Constances issued for contracted personnel, as well as for employees working as professional or free-lance fees or employees on fixed salary, who are part of the company’s payroll.

On this occasion we will give examples of each of the cases, so that the reader can have a clear picture of the different types of Constancies of Work that may exist, in case he needs to write any or ask his employer to issue this type of communication. Below are examples of three types of employee Constancy:

Proof of Work for Contracted Personnel

This communication contains the same data of all Constancy of Work or Labour Charter, it differs only by the wording of its body, in which it is specified that the worker is in the capacity of contracted, that is, that his employment stability depends on the continuous contract renewals. An example of this type of certification would be the following:

(Company letterhead)

Metropolis, Kanzas, August 28, 1986


We hereby wish to record that Ms. MARTHA KENT, identification number 8453421214, works in the Production and Programming Unit of this company, as a contract, since 30 May 1985, from the moment of that has been defogged with great efficiency and responsibility.

Proof that is issued at the request of the interested party, at twenty-eight days of August of the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-six, in the city of Metropolis, Kanzas.


Licensed Jonathan Kent

Chief Staff Officer of Caracol Radio

Employee Constancy for Free-Lance Staff

We also find this type of certification, which includes exactly the same data as the previous example, varying only in the body of Constancy, in which it is also left in writing that the relationship with the employee is free-lance or by personal fees, i.e. the worker does not accrue social benefits or are included in the company’s payroll, so he does not receive a minimum wage, but earns according to what he produces for the company or for the work done.

An example of this type of work letter might be the following:

(Company letterhead)

Washington D.C., 23 July 2005

The subscribed legal representative of C.A. Printed Words:


That Mr. Karl Sagan, identified with the citizenship certificate number 59628346, of the city of Bogotá, is linked, as Corrector, to one of our editorial projects, where he is responsible for correcting and editing texts corresponding to the collection of classical literature, in Free-lance mode, from January 24, 2004.

This certification is issued at the request of the interested party, twenty-three days after the month of July, of the year two thousand five, in the city of Washington, USA.



Steven Taylor

Nit 45932433-4 R.S.

Phone 3121234567

Proof of Work for Fixed Staff

Finally, this type of certification is issued in order to leave in writing that the applicant works as a permanent employee, that is, that he belongs to the payroll of the institution issuing the document, in which the amount of salary that is issued must also be recorded receives the worker, as well as how they cancel (monthly, fortnightly, weekly, etc.) An example of such work letters may be the following:

(Company letterhead)

Caracas, 18 October 1981

The subscribed legal representative of Panorama Companies, C.A


That Mr. Andrew Backman, identified with the identity card, number 10987654, works with us as an employee, since October 24, 1974, being one of our oldest and most trusted workers. We also note that Mr. Andrew Backman accrues a salary of 3,000$ (three thousand dollars) which are cancelled fortnightly, in appropriations of  1,500$ (thousand five hundred) each.

This certification is issued at the request of the interested party, eighteen days after the month of October, of the year one thousand nine hundred and eighty-one, in the city of Miami, Florida.



Mark Spencer

RIF J-2386953291

Phone 0212 35698473

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Employee Work Records Examples
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