The Best iPhone Ringtone Makers for 2021

The Best iPhone Ringtone Makers for 2021

Phone cover? Customized. Lockscreen and home screen wallpapers? Customized. Control center and widgets? Customized. Ringtone? Not customized….. wait a second. Are you still using the default ‘Reflection’ ringtone on your iPhone? 


Do you want to have a “cool” customized ringtone?

We are here to help you create a customized ringtone. An amazing one. And that too; very easily. With a plethora of applications crowning themselves as the best iPhone ringtone maker, choosing the right one is very difficult. 

But does this mean you’ll give up on making the best ringtone? Does this mean you’ll be content with being called ‘old-fashioned’? You should not! 

Today, we’re delving deeper to find the ABSOLUTE best ringtone maker for your iPhone. Let’s go!


iRingg has to be one of the best ringtone makers for the iPhone. It has gained popularity substantially and more and more users are turning to this great platform for making personalized ringtones.

What makes it so popular? See for yourself: 

  • 6 Sense Technology:Not gonna lie, we haven’t seen a more fascinating feature than this in a long, long time. Not only does 6 Sense suggest songs that would make great ringtones, but gives suggestions based on the user’s listening history. iRingg keeps an eye on what you hear most frequently on iTunes and shows those hymns that you love jamming to. 
  • Upload. Edit. Create:If the suggestions are not up-to-the-mark, don’t worry. Upload the song you’d like to be your new ringtone. Edit, trim, tweak it a little in the built-in editor on the application and export it as a ringtone to your iPhone. 
  • Uncomplicated:No. You don’t have to be a computer pro to be able to create a customized ringtone for your iPhone using iRingg. In fact, it is very easy and can be done in three simple steps: 
  • 1. Choose the music. 
  • 2. Trim and edit it. 
  • 3. Export to your iPhone. 

That’s it. Simple as A.B.C.


Zedge is the ultimate application for finding different ringtones. Creators from around the world upload their masterpieces on this portal. So you can find hundreds of fun, amazing ringtones.

The ‘Search’ feature is a plus. If you’re looking for something particular – a song, a rhyme, or an instrument – just write it in the search bar and a huge number of results will appear before you, just like that. 

You can access this great portal directly through your iPhone using the Zedge iOS app available on the App Store or through their website.

*Bonus point: You can find thousands of wallpapers using this application as well. Two for one. 


Here’s where the real music guys come to make their ringtones. Garageband is a signature Apple application for composing ringtones using different instruments.

Newer versions of the iPhone have this app already installed in them. Otherwise, you can access it through the App Store. 

This application allows you to play different instruments, mix and match them, trim them and then come up with an entirely unique ringtone. A ringtone that is made by you, for you. A ringtone that has never been heard by the world. (Ok, we’re sorry for being this dramatic).

But guess what? Using this application isn’t child’s play. First of all, you need to know very well how to play the instrument. Then, you must have the know-how of mixing sounds, trimming them, changing their basses, and other nerdy stuff. 

Only once you get past this, then you’ll get a ringtone. Your ringtone! Ahh!


Did you hear a very cool and impressive ringtone on your friend’s phone? Ask them to send it to you!

Syncios makes this possible. 

You could directly share the ringtone if they have an iPhone too. Otherwise, using iTunes is an option too. For the former, both iPhones must be connected to a computer. Then you need to share the ringtone from one to another using the Syncios application. 

This application also works as a backup for your files.

Though the method looks a bit old and sluggish, rest assured – it is a tried and tested one. And a great one, too. 

The Verdict

And now comes the difficult time. The time to announce the KING of customized ringtones for your iPhone. And the winner is,


No wait, that was just a little Steve Harvey moment. The real winner is,


Yes, it is iRingg. 

iRingg definitely stands out when compared to other applications. Not only does it allow you to use your favorite melodies as ringtones, but also helps in tweaking them in a manner that they become even more fun. The ease with which you can make your ringtone through iRingg is uncanny.

A lot more fun features, such as the SndMoji, await you in this application, and that’s the reason we’re crowning it the winner of this close contest today. 

So, have fun making customized ringtones and impressing your friends!

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