5 Technology Tips to Support Students in Writing Their Assignments

5 Technology Tips to Support Students in Writing Their Assignments

Modern technology helps students learn more and better. It provides room for freedom and creativity in class. The latest technological advancements allow for more flexible learning experiences. Students can choose among various options, including video, games, presentations, ebooks, and pick the way of learning which is the most effective for them. They also can understand complicated concepts much deeper. Apart from better learning, technology motivates students for self-development. Since most young people enjoy their time on devices, they can become engaged with educational materials in apps or videos.

Modern technology helps students learn more and better. It provides room for freedom and creativity in class. T...

As you see, technology is highly beneficial in terms of learning. It can even support pupils in writing their assignments. How? Keep reading to find out!

Explore vocabulary with VisuWords

To get high grades for your writing assignments, you have to demonstrate advanced vocabulary in your paper. VisuWords is a perfect tool to explore the lexicon in a visual format. This website helps students see the correlations between different words and even explore their roots. Many visual learners say that they’ve started to understand term meanings as never before. To make the explanations easier to perceive, VisuWords offers interactive diagrams in different colours. Nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs as well as line patterns marking connections between words have different tones. This creative tool with visual thesaurus capabilities is irreplaceable for students that write essays on a regular basis. By using this graphical online dictionary, you will definitely enrich your vocabulary and significantly improve your writing skills.

Add Pro Writing Aid to Chrome

This web browser extension can dramatically facilitate the writing process. It’s a premium editing and grammar tool for students that create complex essays and reports. Pro Writing Aid has a lot of helpful features, including a decent grammar checker. Even if you turn to professional services and use Writix for writing assignments, you should still check your papers for consistency in style and readability. Luckily, Pro Writing Aid can help you with these two aspects. Can you imagine that this tool highlights overused words and paragraphs with poor structure? If you fix those issues, your language will sound more compelling. It becomes easier to make corrections with a built-in thesaurus that offers better suggestions for low-level words. It’s also important to note that Pro Writing Aid can check your text for plagiarism, which is essential in the academic world.

5 Technology Tips to Support Students in Writing Their Assignments

Boost your creativity with Storybird

Storybird was designed to help students enhance their creativity. This online tool will engage you in the art of writing so you’ll become a more thoughtful storyteller. Storybird is filled with writing hints, video tutorials and quizzes aimed at creating essays, novels, and poems. You can find prompts for writing challenges, prep courses and how-to guides on this impressive website. You can even create a book with illustrations using Storybird. After moderation, it will be published on the platform and you will get a chance to receive feedback on your work. Some of the tasks are free of charge while others cost money, so you must be ready to pay if you want to get access to the advanced features. However, the service is definitely worth its price.

Check information at NewseumED

NewseumED is a comprehensive cultural and historical database for students. It provides key information related to current events, so it’s an excellent resource for research on subjects like history or sociology.  Most of the content on NewseumED deals with politics, civil rights,  and government. You can easily browse through digital artifacts, such as old photographs and newspaper clippings from specific time periods. There are a lot of real-world examples that make history events feel more realistic and relatable to nowadays. The website also offers the “ED Classes & Training” section where every student can do some independent learning activity. Luckily, the materials on NewseumED are designed to work alongside  the most common units currently taught in school.

Improve your style with Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is a powerful online tool to improve your writing style. In other words, this is something like a spellchecker, but for style. In general, the software makes sure that your readers will be able to focus on your message. It highlights writing issues in certain colors and makes appropriate suggestions to fix them. While red sentences have a confusing structure, those colored in yellow are identified as too lengthy or structurally complex, so you will see how to split or simplify them. For purple words, Hemingway Editor suggests more suitable, simpler alternatives. Weak adverbs are colored in blue, so the software recommends omitting them.

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