Is E-Sports a Viable Career Option?

Is E-Sports a Viable Career Option?

E-sports have exploded recently and are now finally mainstream. While e-sports players are still not as known as pro sports athletes, there are true celebrities in their fields. Tournaments are played live in front of tens of thousands of fans with massive prizes that keep growing as more money is being pumped into the industry. This has pushed many players to try to get in and see if they could compete. But is e-sports a viable career option?

What Does it Take to be a Top E-Sports Player?

The first thing you have to determine is whether you have the skills needed to be a professional esports player. You’ll need to be more than the best player among your friends or a top player on your server. You also have to have communication skills and be a great people person. You will have to play as part of a team, and there is not a single top e-sports team that isn’t made of great communicators who have chemistry.

You also have to be ready to view this as an actual job, not a hobby. Some of the top players out there spend more than 12 hours a day on their craft. This means that you will need to be dedicated to it 100%, which can be difficult if you don’t have any source of income. So, this is something you will have to prepare for.

How Much Money do E-Sports Players Make?

Knowing how much e-sports players make is tricky since there are so many possible streams of income. On average, team players make about $74,000 per year. But you’d have to get on a team in the first place. Most pro players make most of their money through streaming. Some even play completely unrelated games, like those you find on, for instance. This is why you should take these average numbers with a grain of salt and think of different ways to earn money as a gamer.

How Can Gamers Make Money?

There are tons of ways that you can make money as a gamer, and they don’t all involve being a Twitch celebrity. Some people may decide to review games, for instance, or cover news. You can also start a blog or a video game podcast. Another great way to make money as a gamer is to focus on one niche and create a YouTube channel. Some people will go back in time and look for quirky or rare titles. Or you could do speed runs of classic games and post them on your channel. The most important part of the process is to find something original and create top-quality content.

If you absolutely want to make money through competing, we suggest that you start looking at local leagues and tournaments first. You’ll have a greater chance of winning, and this could provide you with a small source of income to support you at the beginning.

E-sports can be a viable option, and the thousands of people making money as pro players are proof of it. But it’s not the easiest field to get into, so consider looking at other options if you want to make a consistent income.

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