What is a Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

What is a Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

It is a harsh truth that more than seven people out of ten choose to pay the fines for traffic tickets rather than contesting them in the traffic courts. Though in most cases, hiring a lawyer for a traffic violation is not wise, if the penalty is high, then he can help you to evade it using his skills to provide you strong representation. It is not just the speeding tickets that you need to consider as the Connecticut traffic law imposes other charges too thus, making the amount significantly high. As per Traffic laws of the state, the below rules contribute to making the penalties heavy for the traffic law violator:-

  • 50% surcharge on the fine meant for special transportation fund.
  • Additional $1 fee for every $8 of the fine to fund municipal police training.
  • $15 additional penalty for people who do not contest tickets or are proved guilty of a violation.
  • An assessment fee of $5 for traumatic brain injury prevention services.
  • $10 additional charge meant for concerning municipal council.

Many people often confuse themselves with understanding what is traffic lawyer. It can lead to complications while evaluating the options that you can apply to counter a traffic ticket. For most people, it is not just about money, as repeated traffic violations can destroy their professional careers also. A reckless solicitor can convince the judges to forfeit your driving license, another vital concern you should keep in mind.

What can a traffic lawyer do to protect your interests?

If you got traffic tickets and are still wondering about what can a traffic lawyer do for you, then you should go through the below points to understand their significance:-

  • A traffic lawyer will represent you in court – It is worth noticing that courtroom trials are lengthy. If you are a working professional, it will become a little inconvenient for you to attend the courtroom proceeding every time. Hiring a traffic attorney will help you to escape this worry. He is going to represent you in the courtrooms in your absence. He will also reduce the stress and hard work for you by doing all paperwork on your behalf while ensuring that they are free from any errors or misinformation.
  • Protection of your rights – Many people often fail to understand their legal rights while going through trials for traffic rule violations. They often face harsh behavior from the state or federal law enforcement officers and end up in undue stress and anxiety. The traffic law attorney will ensure that you never suffer such instances during your trials, and you get justice at any cost. He also protects you from the rude solicitors who try their best to prove you guilty in the courtrooms. 
  • Collect the evidence – It is worth noticing that most people with traffic tickets choose to pay the fines instead of contesting them. In most cases, this happens due to a lack of evidence in their favor. It is not easy for everyone to access evidence like video footage of the incidents that are always in the control of law enforcement officers. An experienced traffic ticket lawyer knows how to gather such evidence. He can use his sources to collect such evidence so that he can use it in your favor.
  • Provide you informed advice – Being having detailed knowledge of laws relating to traffic violations and administrative functions, your lawyer can give you well-calculated advice to ensure that things remain in your favor during the proceedings. He can advise you on what to say and presenting your case so that there must be strong chances of decisions coming in your favor. 
  • Can use his professional relations– An experienced traffic law attorney having good professional relations is vital for you. Having relations in the courtroom with solicitors and judges helps him to keep things in your favor. He can also use his skills to settle matters without even a need to visit the courtrooms. It is always wise to hire local attorneys due to familiarity with judges, solicitors, and law officers in the region.

What to keep in mind while hiring a traffic law attorney?

What is a Traffic Ticket Lawyer?

Whenever you seek legal services from a traffic attorney, make sure to choose the right guy for it as you can face serious consequences otherwise. Traffic violations can cause higher insurance premiums, forfeiture of driver licenses, traffic schools, and flags in driving records. Below are few points that you need to take care of while hiring a lawyer for traffic violations:-

  • Qualifications and experience – Verifying the qualifications and professional experiences of the traffic attorney are some of the most crucial things. You cannot risk your case by choosing an inexperienced or incompetent lawyer. Use the references of past clients and educational or professional background to judge the suitability of an attorney in question.
  • Initial case evaluation – It is a well-known fact that many lawyers are waiting to rip your pockets. It will be wise for you to choose the options where you get an initial case evaluation. It will help you to judge how efficiently the lawyer understands your case and his forecasts for moving ahead with your situation. 
  • Fee structure – Checking the fee structure is also vital while choosing a traffic ticket lawyer in CT. You should compare the fee structure available with the best candidates for this job in CT. It does not mean that you should compromise on the skills and experience of an attorney to save few dollars, as it may cause inconvenience and regret in the later stages.

We hope now you understand what is a traffic court attorney and what can a traffic lawyer do? His services are crucial to protect you from fines and other repercussions of violating traffic laws. As contesting a traffic ticket can turn into a stressful task so having a competent attorney by your side will surely provide you great peace of mind. A traffic law attorney will help you identify the things often missed by people while contesting the tickets for a traffic violation. His experience, skill, and a better understanding of the law can even get your tickets dismissed in court.

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