Photographs of the characters ‘Narcos’ in real life

Photographs of the characters ‘Narcos’ in real life

These are some of the real-life images of the characters present in’ Narcos’ Netflix original series.

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This year has been great for fans of the series, and models like Netflix are doing things so great and tremendous content. This original series streaming service are the prime example and have only just surprise us with their quality of manufacture and intelligent adaptations.

This is the case of the series’ Narcos’ which was released in recent months and that portrays the life of the lord Pablo Escobar. We talked a lot about it in Hypertext and the reason href=”” we not want a second season. Netflix, meanwhile, is known for his great job of casting and narcos makes no exception. Here are some real pictures of the characters we saw in the series.

Rodrigo Lara Bonilla

Lara Bonilla was Minister of Justice is designated as the first man who dared to accuse Escobar for their wrongdoing. He was executed on the orders of Escobar in 1984. The series is played by Adan Canto. A few years ago they met the children of Rodrigo Lara Bonilla and Pablo Escobar in a talks indéditas and moving.

César Gaviria

He was President of Colombia from 1990 to 1994, he won the elections overwhelmingly after the assassination of Luis Carlos Galan. The son of the latter asked him to continue the work of his father who had fallen for his position against the narco. After its passage by the presidency of Colombia and until 2004 he was Secretary General of the Organization of American States.

The second from left to right

Luis Carlos Galan

This politician was a candidate for President of Colombia in 1982 by the New Liberalism. He had suffered threats and an attempted bombing of the facts authorities would take his life. It was attacked on August 18, 1989 shortly before beginning his speech at an election public event in Soacha, Cundinamarca, died later in hospital. His death caused a great impact on the population and the government, the next day, declared a state of siege and issued Decree 1830 of 19 August 1989 authorizing the extradition administratively without seeking permission from the Court Supreme Court of Justice.

Javier Peña and Steve Murphy

Both DEA ​​agents, now retired, not only gave their real names and some pictures to the series, also fueron advisers to the drama of Netflix. Javier Peña was played by Pedro Pascal, while Murphy by Boyd Holbrook.

The Ochoa brothers

These three brothers were other pillars of the Medellin Cartel, in the picture we can see (from left to right) Fabio, Jorge Luis and Juan David. The first is the youngest of the three and is currently serving a sentence of 30 years in the United States. Jorge Luis, who is now 65, is the only one living and is free of the three, as Juan David died in 2013 from a heart attack

Jose Rodriguez Gacha

Dubbed” El Mexicano “by his passion for the culture of that country, was a capo sangruiento powerful. He was killed by government operatives, by the National Police of Colombia in the operating Revelation I. Netflix series is played by Luis Guzman.

Virginia Vallejo

In the series we see it as Valeria Velez. Virginia lover Pablo Escobar was between 1983 and 1987. He fled Colombia for his life, and years later wrote the book “Loving Pablo, hating Escobar ‘.

Gustavo de Jesus Gaviria

Gustavo was cousin of Pablo Escobar and the second man of the Medellin cartel. His death caused great instability and response of organized crime. There are many rumors and much is said about his apprehension and death. Certainly a blow to the cartel and the main boss.

Hermilda Gaviria

The mother of Pablo Escobar is a character for more streaky, she says that life defended his son and supported him throughout. So we see in the series and it has been reported by various media. died in 2006 at age 89

Tata Escobar

Escobar’s wife and who also support throughout. His real name is Maria Victoria Henao Vallejo and the series is played by actress Paulina Gaitan.

Juan Pablo Escobar / Sebastian Moroccan Santos

He is the son of Pablo Escobar, after years of silence and exile his face and testimony has captured much attention after the publication of his book ‘. Sins of My Father “in 2009


While there is a flesh and blood itself is an important part of the history of the greatest capo in the history of Colombia. The truth is that it seems that truth is stranger than fiction. Called “The Big Lie”, this prison of luxury encloses a raw and bloody chapter. It is also true that fled on foot when they tried to move him to another jail.

Pablo Escobar

It is well known appearance of this capo. It’s what you can say, infamous. In the series it is represented by Wagner Moura.


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