Death Stranding: The actor of Die-Hardman asks that they do not become spoilers of the game

English - October 19, 2019

Tommie Earl Jenkins implores analysts to the press that he is not the disclosure of details and let the users experience it as they have done.

it Is public and notorious that this week the press has received the final prints Death Stranding, the long-awaited new game from Hideo Kojima that we still can’t classify in a particular genre, and that certainly will not leave anyone indifferent when debut on the 8th of November. This is the first title that the creator is japanese do following his high-profile exit from Konami after Metal Gear Solid V, and there is a lot of buzz among users, but also much fear of spoilers.

Perhaps that is why Tommie Earl Jenkins, one of the main actors in the game (the interpreter of Die-Hardman), has asked the analysts of video games that please don’t do spoilers on Death Stranding, asking that you allow the other players to “enjoy it the same way as you.”

A request for what it’s worth. If you have copies of #DEATHSTRANDING for review please don’t spoil it for others who are still waiting patiently to experience it. They want to enjoy it the same way you did. Let’s connect and respect &#9994 norm;🏾 #DeathStranding #diehardman 💀🔥🤘🏾#TIIYH 😉— Tommie Earl Jenkins (@teejaye84) October 16, 2019

Spoilers beyond the story of the game

a Large part of the mystery of Death Stranding is not about the history of the game itself, of which we know little, but the possibilities playable in the title and the way in which the players will have to “connect” between them and with the world of the game. In this case, the “spoiler” goes beyond the argument and also includes the situations playable live.

on The 1st of November we’ll be providing our analysis on Vandal, in which we will not make any spoiler beyond tell you if you meet our huge expectations.

Die-Hardman, the character of Tommie Earl Jenkins

The actor Tommie Earl Jenkins interprets to Die-Hardman, a name that may not say anything at first glance but immediately we recognize the view that gloomy mask of the skull. It will be apparently one of the main secondary characters of the game, and the own Earl Jenkins has shown its enthusiasm to do so, calling Death Stranding of a masterpiece.

Image 1. Death Stranding: The actor of Die-Hardman asks that they do not become spoilers of the game