MetisMe, a Chrome extension to manage attachments in Gmail

is a topic that comes and goes constantly. Before Google Drive, solution that can save files and send attachments from there easily, we used Gmail to store all types of documents. The problem appeared when we had to retrieve some information and we did not get to find that PDF, 2007, or when we had no control of different versions of documents circulating in our email.

Even today, when we have solutions that allow us to manage our files and versions escape the chaos generated by the enclosed sea, there are many people who still have important information stored in Gmail, like a virtual hard disk is involved.


The extension that we present today helps clear some of this mess. Allows you to easily filter out all emails with attachments and select a new option in the tools menu option that, among other things, allows you to send any file from Gmail to Dropbox, Evernote and Google Drive. It can identify emails that take up more space and to send several files, email attachments different, at one time, to our favorite online storage service.

MetisMe is Chrome extension for free, available on, which will, in future versions, as discussed in lifehacker, automatically send content to our cloud gmail (applying filters to specify the type of content which should be automatically saved), with an Android version is also promised in its home page.

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MetisMe, a Chrome extension to manage attachments in Gmail

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