The mystery of darkness and silence

Curiosities, English - November 30, 2022
Image 1. The mystery of darkness and silence

All generations have feared the terror of the night and the enigma that is felt in a dark place. In the midst of darkness, distorted figures and colors that cannot be perceived with light seem to form. In a place with poor lighting conditions, even breathing becomes different and the atmosphere feels heavier in a certain way. Many say that this happens because it is the portal to another dimension. Let’s see: “the mystery of darkness and silence”:

The magic of darkness

Remaining in darkness and silence changes everything. If the state is one of serenity and reflection, it is one of the ideal places for meditation and other practices. But if the psychological state is one of fear and terror, the most certain thing is that the dimensional doors are opened to sepulchral regions of the lower astral, as the metaphysicians assure it.

Science explains that in a dark environment, the pineal and pituitary glands are activated, secreting hormones and substances such as serotonin and natural DMT, which are effective in moments of sleep, birth, death or with entheogenic plants and certain chemicals. For this reason, hermits and shamans of all cultures and times, seek caves and caverns with absence of light, where they spend years training their extrasensory faculties.

And in popular culture the magic of darkness is also notorious, since most monsters, entities of legends, stories and fears since childhood, are housed in closets and under the bed; in those places where there is no presence of light. The scientist Robert W. Stone, teaches that if one wants to experience strange and paranormal phenomena, one should proceed as follows:

First, he should await the time when everyone at home is asleep. The best time to do this is in the early morning, before the sun rises. If there is rain, the conditions are favorable. It is necessary to go to the darkest place in the house, where not even the light of a digital clock shines. Once there, the person should concentrate on the silence and the dark background, concentrating on the sounds of the environment, silencing all thoughts. According to Stone, one will begin to perceive that someone else is there, watching. The experimenter should take courage and not run away at the first symptoms.

According to the scientist’s indications, in the darkness one can concentrate on visualizing a situation one wants to understand or meditate on what is required; besides, he says that there are unknown entities that can answer the questions asked, but if the person gets scared, or uses the procedure for evil, he will lose contact and collaboration with those strange inorganic beings.

The consequences of wrongdoing

Another symptom is that the perception of time may be altered and feel that a good period of time has elapsed, but in reality it has only been a few minutes. It is also possible to experience a sensation of freezing air currents around the body and this is considered a good sign. Robert W. Stone says that in these moments, the practitioner should ask for what he or she is interested in, such as communicating with someone who has passed away. The experts in paranormal phenomena advise that besides the darkness, using the sound of a tuneless radio helps a lot to capture the electromagnetic waves coming from beings from other dimensions.

The stories of those who have done it tell that it is something infallible, but that the consequences are noticed soon after, when one stops remembering the dream experiences, as if the dreams were sucked by those beings of the night. But not only that, but memory in general begins to be gradually lost and short-term memories will be lost, as if a darkness had entered the individual. But if that were not enough, an incessant anguish takes over the mind and everything will become dark in the existence of that daring experimenter.

However, these are only popular stories, since the different ancestral cultures and the great spiritual doctrines recommend that to isolate oneself to meditate or pray in a dark place is formidable to obtain excellent results and that all the ghosts, monsters and ghosts are only projections of the ego and the mind.

It is undeniable the fact that many times in childhood, the darkness of a room or place causes terror, especially when one is afraid of the bogeyman, or the weeping woman, etc.

Not everything is what it seems, because the darkness has an appearance of evil, danger, terror, but it could be the opposite, a scenario of peace, tranquility, spiritual enlightenment and formidable capabilities that are awakened by the action of the pineal gland, in contact with areas with little light.

Even Buddhist monks and ancient shamans sought to go into caves, to be completely in the dark, thus activating their pineal gland, especially to awaken the power of visions.