The true story of the Stranger Things series

The true story of the Stranger Things series

One of the most successful series of recent times, has undoubtedly been Stranger Things, in which a series of aspects that have caused great controversy worldwide are shown, such as MK ULTRA symbols and procedures, mental programming, experiments with psychic powers in humans, dimensional portals and much more. Let’s see: “The true story of Stranger Things”:

Since its launch on the Netflix platform in 2016, this series directed by brothers Ross and Matt Duffer has become overwhelmingly successful. Each chapter is exciting and inevitably hooks the next episode, starring a group of child friends, who in the 80’s played with their walkie talkies and were involved in top secret projects.

These experiments involved the development of psychic faculties in children, who were used as perfect spies with their powerful remote vision, as in the case of 011, the girl protagonist of the story, who along with other minors was programmed for military missions that took place. in the middle of the Cold War that involved the United States and Russia.

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The story tells how through a mechanism similar to the already existing hadron collider called CERN, some portals could be opened that connect to an opposite dimension, where supernatural and extremely dangerous creatures took the opportunity to come to our plane and begin to absorb people. from which they fed in order to develop.

The series epitomizes several of the alleged secret projects of those who rule nations and combine fact with fiction. The four children who started the plot are: Lucas, Mike, Dustin and Will. It consists of three seasons and for the publication of this video, the long-awaited fourth season is produced.

It all starts when the US Department of Energy kidnaps Will. His mother was the only one who could not believe the official version provided by the government, which even went so far as to falsify the little boy’s corpse. From the beginning to the end, the rainbow so characteristic of the MK ULTRA project is appreciated, from the names of the scenic sections such as the place where they kept little 011 and number 008, among other details of the decoration and costumes.

The first season lasted about 10 hours of intense moments in which the Demogorgon, as the children baptized the interdimensional creature, inspired by the game they liked the most called Dungeons & Dragons, ate their friends and family. The only ones harmed by all these sinister experiments, ultimately, were the inhabitants of a fictitious town named Hawkins, in the state of Indiana, a quiet place until the terrible events occurred.

All the time they ironically expose the damage that an alleged hidden government within the same instances of power causes to the population of the world without caring about anything or anyone, with phrases such as the one pronounced by the mother of one of the minors, facing the problems experienced:

“Honey, we have to trust them. This is our government. They are on our side.”

Clearly and openly, in the series it was seen how in a secret laboratory belonging to the United States Department of Energy there was a place where the MK ULTRA programming was carried out, of humans trained in war not only to spy with remote vision and clairvoyance at great distances, but with lethal psychic powers capable of blowing up the body of any person or lifting large tons with only his telekinesis.

In real life, the Department of Energy of that North American country does have several laboratories, but hardly anyone knows what happens inside their facilities, since all the activities carried out there are of an official classified nature.

In the Wikipedia version it says that:

“The United States Department of Energy (DOE) is a Cabinet-level department of the United States Government that deals with United States policies with respect to energy and the safety of handling nuclear materials. His responsibilities include the nation’s nuclear weapons program, production of a nuclear reactor for the United States Navy, energy conservation, energy-related research, radioactive waste disposal, and domestic energy production. He also directs research in genomics; among others”.

A very curious fact is that the series was originally titled “Montauk” and the town was not Hawkins, but Montauk, New York. Within the investigations on the famous mind control projects carried out by the CIA, Montauk is a very important site since there is a highly relevant military base that supposedly has served as a real setting for all these strange things.

True or not, Stranger Things has been one of the most watched and acclaimed television series in history. The cameras, the scenery and the quality of the actors make it a work of art of fiction and open the viewers’ minds to those quite strange things that happen. Several seasons have been aired, but there is always a feeling of wanting more.

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