The true story of sugar

The true story of sugar

Sugar, a product without which many people cannot imagine life. It is precisely that sweet to the bitterness of existence, a pleasure that makes up the richest desserts, sweets and meals. But thanks to advances in science and communications, it is now known that it is practically the same as a drug, but not just any narcotic, but rather one of the most harmful and addictive. Let’s see right away: “the true story of sugar.”

The sweet taste of slavery

Reviewing history, since its beginnings sugar has been directly linked to the slavery of humanity. According to some scientists and researchers, such as John Yudkin, a medical biochemist, most people in the world are totally addicted to this product, but many are still unaware of this.

It is known that it all began in New Guinea, with the so-called “cane route”, which spread to India, China and other eastern regions. In India, these somewhat magical effects with the capacity to alter Consciousness were known for the first time. That’s about 6,500 years ago.

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It arrived on the European continent for the first time 400 years before Christ, as a consequence of the travels and conquering actions of Emperor Alexander the Great. History also records that the Greek culture in its most recent periods also adapted it and then transmitted it to the Romans, who called it “Indian salt”. The trading trips and the invading plans of the Arabs brought sugar to all parts of Africa and Europe, and over time the process of its elaboration and refining evolved.

The crusading wars brought sugar to the region esteemed as the “Holy Land”. Soon after, with the conquest of American territory, the Spanish and Portuguese took it to the south and the English to the north. Even the French entered the Indian Ocean from America and the Dutch through the Antilles, carrying it and introducing it into the culture. Plantations were spread everywhere and slaves were the workforce. Millions died bloodily for various reasons, such as stealing their territories and inhumane conditions.

The dark and bitter side of sugar

Some scientists, like Dr. John Yudkin, assert that the most dangerous and silent drug of the 21st century is sugar. Yudkin was one of the first doctors to suspect that this was the main cause of most heart disease in the world, although for this he has had to avoid a whole group of scientists and the mass of industries that opposed it. However, he and other research medical professionals proved everything with conclusive evidence.

Within the probative material, there is a list with a whole series of attacks on the spokesmen of this terrible discovery, including a huge payment that four scientists received, so that they would come out to deny everything and attribute the problem to fat. The experiments were carried out with people and the group of those who consumed excess fat did not present even 70% of the disastrous and negative consequences at the cardiovascular level and in every sense, in sugar consumers.

Dr. John Yudkin, since 1946, when he was a professor of nutrition at the “University of London”, published his first article warning that people who used to add a lot of sugar to their coffee were much more prone to heart disease. and heart attacks He also surprised by assuring that not even tobacco or a sedentary lifestyle caused so much harm.

The emergency alarms of several doctors aware of this problem are now more on than ever, since the amount of sugar that an average individual consumes per day is impressive, if compared to previous decades. For example, in the 1960s, a person ate approximately 1.8 kilos per year. Currently, more than 50 kilos per year are exceeded, in a large part of the world’s population.

And that we are only talking about bulk sugar, which an average person adds to their drinks and food. The biggest problem is that most products in the general market of the food industry contain large amounts of sugar, such as soft drinks, artificial juices, alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, etc. Not to mention the delicious candies and enormous variety of sweets, which we learned to consume eagerly since we were children.

Serious stress problems, high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, premature aging, significant brain and nerve damage, obesity, cavities, oral problems, destroys intestinal flora, alters behavior, causes insomnia and poor quality sleep, among thousands of others. of negative factors that up to now, have been scientifically proven by the consumption of sugar. A single soda can contain up to half a pound of sugar perfectly.

It is enough to do the experiment of trying to stop consuming it and then, the level of addiction that has already developed will be noticeable. And one of the biggest problems is that we become addicted from an early age.

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