Fun Facts and Things You Didn’t Know About Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a renowned German physicist of Jewish origin, who years later gained American citizenship.

Fun Facts and Things You Didn’t Know About Albert Einstein

The scientist who handed the atomic bomb over to the war powers

Einstein never wears socks because for him they represented a real annoyance, for him the opinion of others about his physical appearance and his clothing was unimportant, so he never followed the trends of the moment nor was he dazzled by trends Parisians who abounded so much at the time, it seemed absurd that if they already wore shoes it was necessary to wear stockings.

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In 1952 he was proposed to be the prime minister of Israel, a proposal that he rejected because he believed he was too old for such responsibility, he was offered this position because he was a highly respected and recognized Jew, and according to David Ben-Gurion the prime minister of Israel at the time: “There is no Jew more skilled on the face of the earth than he is.”

Einstein has a reputation for having been a scientist focused on theories but he made use of his knowledge in a practical way, which almost no one knows because Einstein along with Leo Szilard created the first nuclear reactor that served as a refrigerator, but that never it was produced on a large scale and did not need electricity to refrigerate food.

Albert was not always the smartest man because he repeatedly failed examinations of language, literature, culture and art, but this was no impediment to becoming an extraordinary scientist and this is further proof that traditional knowledge didn´t they’re always very useful.

Einstein hated science fiction because it diverted the course of scienceand made people believe that some things could never happen and filled their heads with fantasy.

He said: “I never think about the future, it comes fast enough,” he was also an advocate of paranormal events because he said that if someone witnessed monsters, UFOs, ghosts and things like that they should save them as experiences personally and privately so that they would not lose their magic and if mystery.

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