Indigo children: types and characteristics

In recent decades this term has become quite popular which is used to refer to children born with a state of consciousness greater than that of the rest of humanity. They have often been assigned paranormal skills because they supposedly make use of telepathy and can repeatedly read the mind.

Indigo children: types and characteristics

Children from the stars

Evidently shown with a higher sensitivity compared to the rest of the children, the term indigo is used because these children have a blue pigmentation in the aura.

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Scientist Nancy Tappe is quite renowned for the many studies she has done with indigo children and have already qualified human behaviors in color groups, a theory she made public in 1982 with her first book “Understanding Your Life Through Color”.

According to Tappe there are 4 types of indigo children and each has a purpose to perform on this plane,the first is the humanist who has as its mission to work with the masses among these we find doctors, lawyers, traders, this type of indigo child is very extroverted and hyperactive.

Then there are the conceptual indigos and they are very interested in projects that involve many people like engineers, architects, these children are very athletic and controlling.

The indigo artist is another classification that is characterized because they are very creative children, and with remarkable inclinations towards art. Interestingly an indigo child with artist features can use 7 different instruments to perfection.

Finally thereis the interdimensional indigo that bring a new message regarding philosophy and religions.

All indigo children regardless of classification are not afraid, for they are endowed with an enigmatic intelligence and incomprehensible to the human mind. In most cases indigo children are medicated as from an early age they show seemingly abnormal behaviors that are inline with society.

There is a belief that these children must lead the shift to the spiritual age of Aquarius, and for this reason there are already specialized schools that focus the attention of these children, but we do not know what benefit they can bring and if they really possess more intelligence.” spiritual” than the rest of humanity.

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