Barbie and Kent Humans: Real-Life Dolls

The Barbie doll is the famous doll that has been entertaining girls since the twentieth century, more specifically since 1959, the year in which the doll was launched.

Its success was so resounding that it reached more than 200 countries around the world and eventually became an icon to such an extent that Mattel, owner of the doll, soon created Barbie’s boyfriend Kent.

But in real life there are those who have wanted to not only imitate such characters, but become the living incarnation of them, such is the case of the Ukrainian Valeria Lukyanova and the New Yorker Justin Jedlica who, today, are recognized as the real human Barbie and Kent.

Valeria was born on August 23, 1985 and follows a daily exercise routine, diets a scroitca diet to stay thin, applies makeup and puts on contact lenses. Apart from that he has also gone through the operating room to make a bust increase. All this allows him to be the living incarnation of the doll.

Justin, for his part, was born on August 11, 1980 and has performed more than 190 cosmetic procedures, which he began to do at an early age as 18 and among which are: rhinoplasty, cranial modification and breast implants, shoulder, biceps, triceps, thighs, buttocks, lips, and calf, among other procedures.

At the beginning of 2013 the two models, which have been cosmetically modified, met for the first time in New York City for one of the episodes of Inside Edition and, contrary to what happens in the mattel family marketing world, it was not love at first sight, for both stated that they did not like the way the other looked.

Beyond the voices for or against, the truth is that both have become two media figures who have not gone unnoticed to such a point of being regarded as the living incarnation of the famous dolls.

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Barbie and Kent Humans: Real-Life Dolls
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July 31, 2019

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