People disappear in the devil’s triangle

People disappear in the devil’s triangle

Apparently, not only in the Bermuda Triangle do strange disappearances occur, both of boats, aircraft and people. Sites have also been known on the planet, where people and objects vanish as if by magic. As if a portal to other worlds lay in these places.

Today we will transport ourselves to a geographical point where numerous paranormal events of this style have been reported and where many people have vanished into nothingness without any explanation; welcome to the devil’s triangle:

We are located in one of the most anomalous areas on the planet, in the northernmost North American state of Alaska. This site is popularly known as “The Bermuda Triangle of Alaska”, exactly located between the southeastern part of Yakutat and the city of Juaneau, in the Nordic region of Barrow Mountain. Around here is a jungle not yet explored by man, as well as huge forests and rugged mountains.

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Because it is a place of immeasurable natural beauty, many tourists are attracted to these lands, but many of those who have dared to visit them have completely disappeared from this world. And not only individuals disappear, but also entire vehicles, boats and aircraft. The figures are impressive: from 1988 to date, more than 16,000 people have disappeared in the Alaskan Triangle.

It has also taken great personalities

One of the most famous cases in the “Devil’s Triangle” is the plane that totally dissipated from any radar in 1972, carrying on board renowned politicians of the time such as Hale Boggs, of the United States Democratic Party., along with Nick Begich, also a member of that party and the House of Representatives, who in turn were accompanied by an aide and an aviation veteran named Don Jonz. They were all traveling in a twin-engine Cessna 310 plane.

As a result of the fact that the disappeared were important American personalities, the government ordered an intensive search that lasted almost 40 days, in which more than four hundred planes were arranged, in which the Lockheed SR-71 stood out. Likewise, dozens of ships under the orders of the Coast Guard were launched to track down any clue, but even the smallest detail of the whereabouts of those subjects was never found.

In that region is the city of Nome, on the west coast of Alaska, in the vicinity of the Bering Strait. There, various people were lost as if by magic. The FBI also reports that they are investigating the mysterious disappearance of 20 natives, but the figures exceed the thousands of disappeared in recent decades.

desperate screams

Local inhabitants assure that from time to time the cries of the disappeared are heard in the air and that even today, people continue to be lost. According to the Tlingit natives, the culprit would be a demonic entity called Kushtaka, which would presumably attract and carry away those who are lost.

Many more theories have been generated to try to explain the strange phenomenon. Some lean into energetic vortices that lead to other dimensions. One of the most recognized speakers of this position is the cryptozoologist Ivan T. Saynderson, arguing that everything is due to electromagnetic faults that originate the ley lines or dimensional portals, just as it happens in the Bermuda Triangle, as in other points on the planet such as the Devil’s Sea in Japan, the Indus Valley, the pyramids of Egypt, among others.

The Skeptics’ Theory

The versions are divided. Likewise, there are those who consider that there is no supernatural cause, but that the explanation lies in the dangers of the Alaskan terrain, full of ferocious and hungry animals, more than 100 active volcanoes, among other factors that would have prevented the disappeared from returning. to their homes.

However, we are not talking about 100 or 300 people lost, but more than 16,000, added to air, water and land vehicles. In addition, a key point that remains unresolved is why everything happens in the Alaskan Triangle. How is it possible that a place full of nature and transparent waters can devour itself, almost two tens of thousands of individuals, without a trace?

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