FooView is a magical floating button with which you can do almost anything


There’s a new button magic floating in the city. His name is fooView (not to be confused with the music player foobar) and if you become his peculiar use, you can revolutionize how you interact with your phone in the day. Its author is the original developer ES File Explorer of old, who left the company more than a year and has nothing to do with the last Charging Boost…

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What makes fooView? Basically a floating button by which you can access endless extra features. It is housed in one of the sides of the screen (you can also hide) and allows you to mobile handle with one hand, something increasingly interesting with terminals that are cada larger and larger


First, some permissions

Before you start using fooView need to give a few permissions to enable magic. Specifically, fooView need access to notifications and activate your accessibility service with which ensures not close. at least that’s the idea, because of yes occasionally it closes for one reason or another.


from this moment you will have an enigmatic floating donut on one side of your screen. what is? what can you do with it? Read on and find out.

the main interface

If you simply touch the colorful donut, the main window fooView, including a grid of various functions in many-colored modules opens. for example, in module App you can manage applications installed, uninstall them, hide them and create backups.

Other sections here are the weather forecast for weather viewer photos and videos that you save on your phone, music player and, of course, a file manager that could not miss the creator of ES file Explorer, which is now somewhat modest but its author says it will be “more powerful than ES File Explorer” soon.


Other modules are even more experimental, like game, which is a somewhat peculiar or Lucky game, in which you you can find anything from your lucky number to a song from your random library.

in this window you can also scribbling letters on the screen to do quick searches on Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo or an extensive list of websites to choose from.

Gestures with the

button However the main interest of fooView is what you can do directly manipulating the floating button. This is a science, and probably need some practice before you get it.

long tap icon opens the mini-application launcher floating. By default shows you the apps you’ve recently used, but you can also set your favorite applications to have a pitcher always on hand


on the other hand, sliding the button to the side makes the function of the Back, or the Home, if you slide even further. If your mobile phone is too big to handle with one hand, this can be a great way to easily manipulate.

The circle is closed with the slide up, open the main application window, and sliding down, which lowers the blind notifications. However, the most interesting move is another, drag and wait.

Cuts in the

The most magical feature fooView is certainly to cut back on the screen. To do this you must move the button until the X accompanying check one corner you want to cut, and wait until the crop mode starts.


After making the cut, you can share as an image search in Google or save it on your mobile. In fact, fooView also uses OCR recognition so you can extract text from virtually any application. Some texts can automatically extract without OCR, like Universal Copy.

In this mode you can, for example, cut a piece of text and share it, send it to an application translate, or trim a phone number to call directly.

in short, fooView is a Swiss army knife of tools, condensed in a small size. The idea itself is pretty good, and has a lot of functions, which looks pretty good to be an Alpha. There will be attentive to how it evolves this application and if it will reach millions of users as it did ES File Explorer.

fooView - Float Viewer

fooView – Float Viewer 0.7.1

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