Summary by chapters of Dona Barbara final chapter

In this chapter, Marisela turns out to hear a dialogue that the service employees unaware of her presence, where they said that Juan Primito had taken measurements of the body of Santos Luzardo, for one of the witchcraft of Mrs. Barbara.

The end of Dona Barbara

So Marisela was furious and willing to do anything, on her way to El Miedo. When she arrived, she tried to snatch the twine from Dona Barbara’ twine, facing off in a tremendous fight. Santos separates them and takes Marisela, while Ms. Barbara arranges her witch altar to initiate the mooring ritual for Saints, with candles, saints and more.

In the evening hours, he begins his black magic by invoking the spirit of the “Partner”. However, he didn´t appreciate as quickly as he used to. She began to realize that the partner’s voice, apparently, was about herself. It seems as if she is possessed by “the Partner”, for she feels how she is controlled and when she speaks, her voice changes and so does her thoughts. These were shocking moments, especially when “The Partner” uttered two sentences for Ms. Barbara and the electrical power stopped working, everything mysteriously went out.

For a moment, Dona Barbara behaved like a woman’s lady, abandoned witchcraft practices and improved her relations with society.  In the second part, she’s not the same again.

Thanks to Santos, Marisela always had what she needed. For his part, Lorenzo Barquero abandoned a large percentage to the vice of alcoholism that complained about it. At some point, it came to be thought that Mrs. Barbara, Marisela’s mother, was going to reconsider and to compensate for her absence and her ills. Finally, he never did and continued with his witchcraft.

On the other hand, Santos ended up in the work totally confused with his feelings for Marisela and it was not known if one day that relationship could be given.

Summary by chapters of Dona Barbara final chapter
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July 7, 2019

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