Famous quotes about neoliberalism

Neoliberalism, also known as new liberalism, is a political and ideological current whose purpose is the resurgence of classical liberalism, and favors ideas such as free trade, reduction of public spending, taxes, as well as the favoring of the economy private.

The fearsome neoliberal model

It is said that these neoliberal ideas are one of the strategies that were raised in the controversial book of the Protocols of the Wise of Sion, which practically intends to privatize everything and exploit the maximum natural resources, including páramos and ecological reserves of great relevance, with fracking and mining of all kinds, by large multinationals.

But let’s see some phrases and thoughts about neoliberalism:

  • «Neoliberalism is a new liberalism, it is the alternative for the generation of a new order of things.»
  • “For economic neoliberalism is a priority to train good consumers before good citizens. The consumer is a customer; the citizen is a person. »(Antonio Franco)
  • «Freedom is the daughter of equality and equality is only possible with education.» (Antonio Franco)
  • «All the commandments of capitalism are summarized in one: whatever happens, the bank wins.» (Antonio Franco)
  • «You have to live more simply so that others can simply live.» (Antonio Franco)

End of Famous Phrases about Neoliberalism
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Famous quotes about neoliberalism
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June 17, 2019

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