Summary by chapters of Dona Barbara from 1 to 5

Education - July 7, 2019

Summary by chapters of Dona Barbara from 1 to 5

Chapter 1

Mrs. Barbara is favored by the laws. From El Fear, she owns it. Santos Luzardo intends to harm.

Altamira’s owner is the cousin of Lorenzo Barquero, Mr. Santos Luzardo. His purpose is to enforce the law at all costs.

An ally of Dona Barbara is american Mister Danger.

Another character who favors Dona Barbara is the civilian head of the District, O Pernalete.

A fellow university student, Santos Luzardo, is the town’s secretary of authority, Mijiquita.

A letter arrives in Dona Barbara and is delivered to Antonio Sandoval, an ally of Santo Luzardo.

Chapter 2

The beginning of the chapter is the account of a mare being coached by Carmelito. The idea of Santos Luzardo was frustrated because he wanted to give the animal to Marisela and Carmelito did not sell it to him, but instead Carmelito himself gave it to the lady. So, all three go for a ride in the mare to get to know her well.

Worried about Marisela’s father, Don Lorenzo Barquero, who is driven by alcoholism, Santos chooses to educate Marisela, instructing her in writing, reading, manners, etc. In addition, with him he managed to reduce Boatman’s vice considerably.

Chapter 3

This time the chapter beginsby presenting a new character named John Primito, who worked as a messenger for Ms. Barbara. Santos Luzardo’s demands and warnings towards Ms. Barbara have her out of boxes and totally irritated. With birds of ill omen, The messenger of Dona Bárabara compared her, watching them drink water in some vessels that he placed and by that logic, Primito never drank water in El Miedo.

Then, Ms. Bárbara sends John Primito with a reason for Santos, informing her that she could take some of the questions out of El Miedo and that she could send some men for that job. Primito went very happy towards Altamira to fulfill her mission, but was happy that she would go to meet Marisela, the girl she loved so much and who in fact, he was the one who cared most about her, from the moment she was abandoned by her mother.

But upon arriving in Altamira, Marisela is strongly displeased with him and despises, by the fact of carrying messages from Ms. Barbara. Returning to El Miedo,he delivered Santos’s positive response and that Santos would go in the morning with his workers.

Primito had never told Mrs. Barbara about Marisela, but on that occasion she did. Nor had Dona Barbara taken on the importance of Marisela until she learned that Santos was scaring to care for and protect her, because she felt jealous of a woman.

Chapter 4

The next day, to take out their Saints Luzardo in the company of their workers, they arrived at El Miedo, but Dona Barbara had played dirty because he hired staff everywhere to prevent Santos’ role. While the operation of taking out the cattle, Luzardo and Ms. Barbara gave theself to a conversation. In those moments, one of those pawns hired by Ms. Barbara to hinder everything, caused a stampede and he himself was the fatality. He was crushed to death.

As Santos Luzardo knew perfectly well how to catch cattle, he set out bravely to catch the Bull and did it. Doña Barbara was amazed and cannot fail to congratulate Santos, who ignores her with contempt.But anyway, she thinks the man fell into her trap.

Chapter 5

Doña Barbara began to change her character and that caused the good comments of her workers, who commented that she was acting like a real lady. Before, he practiced witchcraft and dressed like a man. From this chapter, she becomes feminine and refrains from black magic.

At the same time, she had realized that she was in love with Santos. One day, she saw him near her estate and excited to greet him and try to please him in the conversation,but Santos again rejects her and warns her that they could never be friends, because of all the bad things that had happened between them.

So Santos referred to ask him to close and divide the estates of El Miedo and Altamira specifically,as well as to return the land of the estate La Barquereña to Marisela and reminded him that it was his abandoned daughter. Then, Dona Barbara believes for a moment that Marisela is living with Santos and hurt, offends him with her words and the tone of her voice, causing Luzardo to leave her talking to herself.

After Mrs. Barbara’s outrage and the anger that blinded her, she went to pull out a revolver ready to kill. But a spark of Consciousness made her reflect that she was no longer the same Doña Barbara as before.

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