Carrie Fisher denies her bikini and Daisy Ridler warns: “Do not be a slave as I was”


  • The actress met her colleague and irritated saying it was a “sex symbol”.
  • Veteran’s advised not to use the bikini gold in his ‘Return of the Jedi’.

 Carrie Fisher in 'Return of the Jedi' with bikini controversy.

Actress Carrie Fisher not want your colleague Daisy Ridley make the same mistakes she made in interpreting the Princess Leia in the well-known saga Star Wars . Ridley, who plays King in Star Wars: Episode VII. The awakening of the Force , Fisher in the journal Interview , and veteran actress when asked what he thinks about being a sex symbol, Ridley was offended

“. Hey! No I am a sex symbol, that is an opinion of someone, “said the actress of 23 years. “I do not share that.”

Later, Fisher outlined his scenes with the slave costume carrying in Return of the Jedi. The gold bikini Leia dressed as he was retained by Jabba the Hut. “You must fight for your look,” Fisher advised, “Do not be a slave like me“. “Okay, I will fight,” said Ridley. “Keep fighting the slave outfit,” Fisher reiterated.

One thing that the actress was the inevitable crush supported in movies. “I really want the moment of your kiss” he told the veteran actress Daisy. “You’ll have to have one. All I have.” The young actress said that “we will wait and see.”

Last week came the first full trailer of the next installment of Star Wars and the fans of the series wowed intuit developments.


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