The disturbing Johnny Depp ‘Black Mass’

With this film, Virginian director Scott Cooper gives us his best work so far, and Johnny Depp, his most successful interpretation of at least the last twelve years. Not bad for Black Mass . James “Whitey” Bulger was a real gangster that took advantage of its links with senior US policy and federal law enforcement and, so, had to Boston in a fist during the 80 of the last century. With this curriculum, it is not surprising that reporters Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill decided to write a book about it, Black Mass: The True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the FBI and the Irish Mob , or that would give Scott Cooper by adapting it to the big screen.

black mass

Not only is such a cinematic story that might well have been responsible for her good old Martin Scorsese, who like to shoot films about gangsters ( Goodfellas , 1991 Casino , 1995), as is well known-but also It has given Cooper the opportunity to influence issues which made it clear that you are interested in giving us his vision about it in his first two films, the sober and touching Crazy Heart (2009) and, especially, the respectable Out of Furnace (2013), namely family relationships, loyalty and violence .The story of the rise of Whitey we are told through flashbacks long with brief interludes grateful developers, a serene but always attentive camera, with sensible frames, distinctive and never morbid to violence, a commendable pace and great support musical the soundtrack by Tom Holkenborg, who has already dazzled us this year with his score for Mad Max: Fury Road , George Miller, and songs like” Slave ” The Rolling Stones ( Tattoo You , 1975), or “Do not Bring Me Down”, the Animals (1966).

Some have wanted to see in Black Mass a reflection of the aforementioned film Scorsese and Cooper try to be like him without success. But I think it’s a mistake: the assembly and the rhythm of the great Italian-American Director, or his header editor, Thelma Schoonmaker- is devilishly dynamic, and Cooper has always been quiet; Scorsese tone, more cynical, but true, that solemn, and the Virginian, more serious; the first used to wallow in some way violence or not a hair cut to show the blood, and the second is not being cut, but their general remoteness or flat and off the field in certain scenes reveal other concerns, by its effects than by the same brutality; and the issue of loyalty is less dramatic, less serious, in the tone that Scorsese Cooper. And make it clear that I do not intend to lower the first against the director of this film; it would be folly; I only wish to point out their obvious differences and deny the resemblance between his films that some are determined to find, regardless of the subgenus

Johnny Depp gives us a remarkable and very studied interpretation of psychopathic Whitey, as contained it thanks because this is really disturbing about histrionic time, the best since I gave birth to nerve to Jack Sparrow and far, therefore, offbeat characters and somewhat undefined in the last decade. And the cast fulfills its mission to spare, but one that certainly stands out almost as much as Depp is Joel Edgerton in the shoes of trickster federal agent John Connolly, a guy with the ways of Southie Boston believed smarter than es.6Todo this gives himself ‘Black Mass’, Scott Cooper film about the gangster Whitey, played by Johnny Depp and Joel Edgerton superlatives; a story about the moral status of various areas of a city that, while not surprising, based on its treatment without airs and Honesty.- The good pulse of the narrative – The performances of Johnny Depp and Joel Edgerton – Fidelity director Scott Cooper to his own style and interest- The inevitable predictability


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