3%’: The TV dystopia that is captivating the whole world

English, Film - July 17, 2023
Image 1. 3%’: The TV dystopia that is captivating the whole world

In the vast world of entertainment, television series have gained a prominent place among the public. With the arrival of streaming platforms, such as Netflix, the possibilities have expanded even more, offering a wide range of options for series lovers. One of the most outstanding productions in recent years is ‘3%’, a Brazilian series that has captivated audiences around the world. In this article, we will explore ‘3%’ and take a look at what makes it so successful.

‘3%’ is a sci-fi/drama series set in a dystopian future. The plot is set in a world divided into two parts: the Mainland, where the majority of the population lives in precarious conditions, and the Maralto, a utopian island inhabited only by 3% of the population that goes through a rigorous selection process. The main characters are young people who seek to be part of the Maralto and escape the poverty and inequality of the continent.

What makes ‘3%’ so intriguing is its focus on the selection process. Candidates must go through a series of physical and mental tests to prove that they are worthy of belonging to the Maralto. These tests evaluate aspects such as intelligence, morality and teamwork skills. The process is shown as a competitive and cutthroat game, where candidates must battle each other to earn their chance to move on to the Maralto.

In addition to its fascinating premise, ‘3%’ also stands out for its careful production. The series features impeccable art direction and captivating photography, which helps immerse the viewer in this dystopian world. The visual effects and production design are of high quality, creating a unique and immersive atmosphere. The cast, composed of talented Brazilian actors, delivers strong and convincing performances, which helps bring the characters to life and generate empathy with the audience.

In addition to its visual aspect, ‘3%’ also addresses relevant social and political issues. Through the story of the characters and the dynamics between the Continent and the Maralto, the series explores inequality, corruption and power. It raises questions about justice and ethics, inviting reflection on social divisions and the limitations imposed by the system.

Since its launch in 2016, ‘3%’ has gained a loyal fan base around the world. The series has received praise from critics and viewers alike for its originality and its ability to engage audiences from the very first episode. It has managed to maintain suspense and intrigue throughout its seasons, which has led to more and more people discovering and becoming passionate about this Brazilian production.

Main characters: A look at the series’ main characters

In the hit series ‘3%’, there are a number of main characters who play key roles in the plot and captivate the audience with their stories and motivations. Below, we will review some of the most prominent protagonists of the series:

Michele Santana: Played by Bianca Comparato, Michele is the main protagonist of ‘3%’. She is a determined and courageous young woman who lives on the Continent and dreams of being part of the Maralto. Michele faces numerous obstacles and challenges throughout the series as she struggles to escape poverty and improve her life. Her strong character and intelligence make her a natural leader, and her determination inspires other characters to join her cause.

Rafael Moreira: Played by Rodolfo Valente, Rafael is another central character in the plot of ‘3%’. He is a rebellious and charismatic young man who also lives on the Continent. As the series progresses, he becomes a key ally of Michele and together they fight for a better future. Rafael is a complex character who faces his own demons and has a mysterious past that is revealed throughout the series.

Joana Coelho: Played by Vaneza Oliveira, Joana is one of the candidates competing for a place in Maralto. She is an intelligent and reserved young woman with a strong personality and a turbulent history. Joana does not easily trust others and remains on guard during the selection process. Throughout the series, her character develops and faces difficult decisions that test her morality and loyalties.

Marco Álvares: Played by Rafael Lozano, Marco is another important character in the series. He is an ambitious and competitive young man who also seeks to be part of the Maralto. As the plot progresses, Marco shows his ability to manipulate others and becomes a controversial figure in the selection process. His character evolves throughout the series and the reasons behind his ruthless attitude are explored.

These are just some of the main characters in ‘3%’, but the series has a wide range of equally interesting and complex supporting characters. Each brings their own background, motivations and moral dilemmas to the plot, adding to the richness and diversity of the series.

The selection process: Unraveling the series’ challenging system

One of the most fascinating aspects of the ‘3%’ series is the selection process that candidates must undergo for a chance to gain access to Maralto, the utopian island inhabited by only 3% of the population. This selection system is challenging and rigorous, and plays a central role in the plot of the series. Below, we will unveil the key elements of this process and how it influences the characters and the development of the story.

The physical and mental tests: The selection process begins with a series of physical and mental tests designed to assess the skills and abilities of the candidates. These tests range from physical endurance and agility challenges to tests of intelligence, logic and problem-solving skills. Candidates must prove their worth and overcome each obstacle to advance through the process.

Competition among candidates: One of the most intense aspects of the selection process in ‘3%’ is the competition between candidates. As the tests progress, the candidates are forced to confront each other, competing for a place in the Maralto. This competition generates tensions, alliances and betrayals, as each candidate fights for their survival and to secure their future.

Moral and ethical dilemmas: As candidates progress through the selection process, they face a series of moral and ethical dilemmas. Some tests their loyalty, their ability to make difficult decisions, and their willingness to sacrifice others to achieve their goals. These dilemmas raise profound questions about justice, ethics and the boundaries they are willing to cross to reach the Maralto.

The exploration of inequality and corruption: The selection process in ‘3%’ is also used to explore the social inequalities and corruption that exists in the dystopian world of the series. It shows how those with influence and resources are able to manipulate the selection process in their favor, while the underprivileged are forced to struggle and overcome much greater obstacles. This social critique adds an additional layer of complexity to the selection system.

Seasons and episode highlights: A review of key moments

The ‘3%’ series consists of four seasons. Throughout these seasons, there are several standout episodes and key moments that have left a mark on viewers. Below, we will review some of these memorable moments:

Season 1:

Episode 1: The first episode establishes the premise of the series and introduces the main characters, as well as the selection process and initial tests.

Episode 4: In this episode, the candidates face an honesty test and are asked to confess their darkest secrets, revealing intriguing aspects of each character.

Episode 7: The season 1 finale is particularly shocking, as the mystery behind the masked figure known as “The Process” is revealed. This drastically changes the dynamics and expectations of the series.

Season 2:

Episode 2: In this episode, the “Cause,” a rebel group that seeks to challenge and dismantle the selection system, is introduced. The inclusion of this new element adds an additional layer of intrigue to the plot.

Episode 6: One of the most shocking moments of season 2 is when the candidates face a test in which they must decide whether or not to kill one of their peers. This test puts their morality to the test and generates moments of great tension.

Season 3:

Episode 1: The third season introduces a new selection process called “The Sea of Forgotten”. In the first episode, the candidates face intense emotional and psychological challenges that push them to the limit.

Episode 8: The Season 3 finale is particularly surprising, as shocking betrayals and revelations are revealed that change the course of the story and pave the way for the next season.

Season 4:

Episode 3: In this episode, the main characters must face their greatest fears and overcome personal trials in the selection process. This leads to emotional and revealing moments.

Episode 7: The penultimate episode of the fourth season features an unexpected twist that affects all the characters and completely redefines the game.

Fanbase and community: The impact on fans and their involvement

The ‘3%’ series has managed to cultivate a loyal and passionate fan base around the world since its launch. Its intriguing plot, complex characters and social issues explored have generated a significant impact on viewers, leading to the formation of an active fan community. In the following, we will explore the impact of the series on fans and their involvement in the community.

Identification with the characters and themes: Fans of ‘3%’ have been drawn to the characters and their stories. The series addresses issues such as inequality, corruption and the struggle for a better future, which resonates with the audience and generates an emotional connection. Fans have identified with the characters and found inspiration in their courage and determination to overcome obstacles.

Participation in online forums and communities: The series has given rise to a very active online fan community. Fans join forums and social networking groups to discuss episodes, theorize about future plot developments and share their love for the series. These spaces give fans the opportunity to connect with others who share their passion for ‘3%’ and discuss highlights of the series.

Content creation and fanart: ‘3%’ fans have shown their creativity and dedication through the creation of content related to the series. This includes fanart, reaction videos, plot theories and character analysis. Fans share their work online, which creates a vibrant community and encourages fan interaction.

Participation in events and conventions: As the popularity of the series has grown, events and conventions dedicated to ‘3%’ have been organized where fans have the opportunity to meet the actors, participate in panel discussions and experience the series in a more immersive way. These events provide a space for fans to come together and celebrate their love for the series.

Activism and reflection on the issues addressed: The series has generated debate and reflection on the social and political issues it presents. Fans have engaged in discussions about inequality, corruption and social justice, and some have even used the series as a platform to promote change in the real world. The series has inspired fans to reflect on these issues and take action in their own communities.