The Real Ghost Ship: The Legend of the “Queen Mary”

Curiosities, English - November 23, 2022
Image 1. The Real Ghost Ship: The Legend of the “Queen Mary”

A haunted luxury ship

This huge English ship built in 1937, which has crossed the Atlantic more than 1,000 times, has served as a transport for the Allied troops during the Second World War, even participating in the invasion of Normandy, and which owes its name to the Queen of England, It has participated in many events in recent history, but it is also famous for other more “strange” events. Let’s take a look at his enigmatic story:

Today it is a luxury hotel in Long Beach, but many people do not dare to enter it because it is considered one of the centers with the most paranormal activity in the world, in fact there are records of up to 55 different “manifestations” in various areas of the huge ship and in June 2001 NBC made an interactive tour of the phenomena that occurred on the ship. Here are some of them:

Door 13 of the engine room: On July 10, 1966, maintenance work was carried out on the hermetic doors of the engine room. John Pedder did the maintenance work. He was a very young employee, barely 18 years old. Although he seemed somewhat older because of the beard that he liked so much to have. He was wearing his typical blue jumpsuit, full of grease. In an unfortunate oversight, John was crushed by door number 13, dying on the spot. Some time later, the testimonies of crew members and travelers piled up, claiming to have seen a young man with a beard, dressed in blue, walking down the corridor of the engine room and disappearing at door number 13.

A truly unusual case

A tour guide was walking down the hall when she had the typical feeling of being watched by someone. Turning around he could see a figure vanish before his very eyes. Immediately, he reported what happened. His description matched the features of John Pedder. He was shown a set of photos to see if he could identify it. Among all the sample, he identified the photo of John Pedder.

The 3rd Class Nursery: On one of the many voyages the Queen Mary has made across the Atlantic. A woman gave birth. The baby, whom her parents decided to name Leigh Travers Smith. And she was brought to this nursery. But something didn’t go right. Within hours of her birth she died. There are testimonies that claim to have heard, during the night, the cry of a baby from the nursery. Many attribute it to the boy, Leigh Travers Smith.

The Queen’s Room: it is a first-class room, where no detail is missing. But opulence and glamor are not at odds with strange experiences that many of those who have enjoyed the privileges of this ranch have experienced.

In one of the many guided tours, which group of tourists star. A girl, who visited us with her parents, repeatedly stated that she was seeing a woman. But the truth is that no one saw, except the girl. She did not stop pointing her finger at her saying: “she is there”. The girl described to the enigmatic vision of her as a beautiful young woman. None of those tourists imagined, is that there are reports that collect testimonies from crew members and travelers, who claim to have seen in this room, a young woman, very beautiful and dressed in a shiny white evening dress. Some say that he has seen her dance elegantly in the shadows of the room. There are so many appearances of her, throughout the history of the ship, that she has been given a nickname: “the woman in white”.

First Class: Throughout the history of the Queen Mary, there have been many reports of strange occurrences in the most luxurious rooms: the sound of water running from the taps in the middle of the night, and later finding that no taps were turned on; the phone ringing late at night, without anyone having made the call; passengers who complain that the next room makes a lot of noise and does not let them rest, however, it was found that the next room was not occupied.

On a recent guided tour. One of the tourists took a picture of a mirror in a suite. Upon revealing it, he verified with surprise that a strange man was reflected in the mirror. The guide in charge of attending this visit flatly denied that the man in the mirror was part of the group of tourists. In a careful examination of the photograph, it was concluded that both the strange man’s hairstyle and his clothes belonged to several past decades, specifically the 1930s.

First-class swimming pools: access to this place is restricted. Only guided tours are allowed. In these pools, it is where most strange events have occurred. Many passengers have verified, with a certain degree of horror: how ladies in vintage bathing suits appear and disappear without rational explanation, walking along the edge of the pool; the sound of the water splashing, as if someone were swimming, when there was no one in the water; wakes have sometimes been seen advancing, such as those produced by swimming, but on those occasions no one swam; at other times, the wet footprints of an invisible foot were seen advancing.

In the first-class swimming pool, two sad events took place. Two women drowned, one in her 30s and the other in her 60s.

There have been so many witnesses who claim to have seen surprising events, that in recent years, it has been decided to install a camera.

The ship actively participated in the second world war. She was painting gray camouflage and was baptized as “The Gray Ghost”. She was so coveted by Nazi adversaries that she was offered a $250,000 reward and the Iron Cross to the captain of the submarine she managed to sink. In some maneuvers our Gray Ghost rammed the English ship Curacoa. More than 300 English soldiers lost their lives in that accident. Forty years after the events reported, the exact place of the collision was set up so that a television crew left cameras recording, evidently at that time, only the cameras were in the place. When checking the recordings, the audio picked up: voices, shouts and blows that some attribute to the English soldiers of Curacoa.

The kitchen: but these deaths were not the only ones in times of war. During World War II, a cook was murdered at the hands of his companions. Even today, there are people who claim to hear the screams of the cook.

Many paranormal phenomena happen in this world, but like most people, they are immersed in the daily routine and with their minds immersed in social networks, television, the different media and system entertainment. It has been shown that people who live in rural areas and far from large cities experience unusual events throughout their lives. For example, those who live on remote islands have been able to spot ghost ships: boats that appear and disappear out of nowhere. Including islands that also seem to teleport, such as the famous Nontravada Island. True or not, we live in a world more mysterious than we can think.