4 Best GTA Rivals for Your Smartphone

Business, English - June 1, 2021
Image 1. 4 Best GTA Rivals for Your Smartphone

Today, smartphones let users do anything. Even with the cheapest devices they can watch movies, open this legal sports betting site, or play games. These are 4 best alternatives to GTA for your smartphone.

Payback 2 – The Battle Sandbox

The first thing you’ll see when you download this game is an incredibly spectacular and pathos-laden musical intro. It is noticeable that the developers love their project and pay attention even to such small, seemingly minor details. This alone is enough to spend the time to study the project.

But this is not the only good thing about the game. It has a ton of content. Perhaps, even more than in GTA. You can have fun in the company or online battles with a variety of modes.

Real Crime Simulator 

This game is story-driven. We return to the city and immediately get caught up in the maelstrom of events and gang warfare. You can see that the developers were inspired by Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The general stylistics and characters are unmistakably recognizable.

Unfortunately, the graphics in the mobile project are mediocre. The control is also far from perfect. Otherwise, the Real Crime Simulator does not have many surprises. Players must shoot, drive around the empty city, and perform tasks.

Street Gangs: City Mafia Wars 

It is another game influenced by Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Clothing and some locations make you shed a stingy nostalgic tear for the adventures of CJ.

As in the previous project, in Street Gangs: City Mafia Wars, the emphasis is on the story. But there is no open world, instead there are levels with local tasks. Besides, there is automatic shooting. All this turns the game into a shooting gallery. 

Gangstar: Vegas and Gangstar: New Orleans 

Here are two games by the famous developer Gameloft. These projects are as close as possible to what players have seen in GTA. 

Gangstar: Vegas came out a little earlier, but to date it has become an almost perfect clone of GTA. There is enough content for several mobile games, and great story and controls will keep you coming back again and again.

Gangstar: New Orleans is the newest game in the series. It is more technically advanced than Gangstar Vegas, so it is impossible not to mention it. In this game, you will be able to set up your own base and conquer the city’s neighborhoods.