They reveal the date when drinking water on Earth will run out

They reveal the date when drinking water on Earth will run out

One of the most shocking Wikileaks reports is a secret report they managed to leak, where scientists state that in the near future, there will be no more drinking water on planet Earth. Only if humans change the way they eat, it would be possible to prolong the vital liquid, according to this research. The following: “The date on which drinking water on Earth will run out is revealed”.

Human food would be to blame

They reveal the date on which drinking water on Earth will run outEverything points to the fact that around the year 2049, all pure water reserves around the globe will disappear, warn scientists in the report, released in 2015 by this alternative and controversial news company. Large corporations, such as Nestlé, responded with great fear for the future of their companies and also contributed to the report, in which they describe that around 2025, the serious crisis will begin and after 2050, the catastrophe will come.

The main cause, details the alleged secret report, is the massive and indiscriminate consumption of meat, due to the fact that large amounts of water must be used to maintain the livestock, since this work includes the exaggerated planting of corn and soy to feed them and this is equivalent to more water.

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The UN has also joined this theory, which is why it promotes vegetarianism, arguing that if we only consumed vegetables, the history of the world would change and water would not become extinct. It is worth noting that the United States is the largest consumer of meat, as are China and India.

United Nations professionals have warned that if all of humanity followed the diet of the average American, the Earth would have run out of the precious liquid long ago; around the time the number of people reached 6 billion, a figure recorded in the year 2000. These UN spokespersons say that they have no other alternative than mass vegetarianization, or colonizing other stars in order to survive. The incredible thing is that several proposals have already been put forward.

The calculations of the World Bank

This private organization also concludes that in the year 2050, the economy will be seriously affected by the total scarcity of water. Something that surprises scholars of the subject, is that several multinationals hired scientific personnel for the research and passed it to the US government since 2009, while the leaks made came to light in 2016.

The World Bank also decided to release to the public an article it entitled “‘Climate Change, Water and Economy”, in which it confirms the thesis of the terrible calamity that is approaching due to the lack of the vital liquid. He explains that it will be more expensive than gold and that it is not even surprising that wars will develop to obtain the little that remains.

From the World Bank’s perspective, by 2050 there will only be access to a third of the water currently provided in cities. They calculated that the regions that will be most disadvantaged are Central Asia, the Middle East, some areas in the southern part of Asia and the North of the African continent. The GDP in these nations would fall by about 14%.

All these world structures such as the UN, the World Bank, large multinationals and governments agree that another of the causes of this possible emergency is overpopulation and, therefore, an increase in the demand for this crystalline treasure necessary for life.

The big lie

Despite the fact that official information is almost always given as true facts and even more so if it appears in the mainstream media, several detractors to the theories and information described above have emerged. One of the opponents is Dr. Jacqueline R. Kasun, an acclaimed economist who wrote a book entitled “The War on Population: The Economics and Ideology of World Population Control,” in which she explains how we have been duped by all this.

It is not only Dr. Kasun, but a large number of scientists, specialists, professionals and researchers, who agree in affirming that there is no real overpopulation, but that we are very crowded in the cities, but the planet can perfectly feed and even house many more humans. They explain that only the agriculture of the United States can feed the entire planet, but that the waste of the large multinationals is impressive.

They attribute the alleged lie of global warming and overpopulation to eugenics projects, which aim to reduce the number of people for their global domination purposes. In the case of water scarcity and increasing heat on the planet, hundreds of scientists, experts in climate and astronomy, have explained that it is the opposite, that we would be entering a period of mini glaciation, but that the multimillions they get with taxes they charge for the false warming would also be one of the reasons for the deception.

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