He was clinically dead and woke up with powers and knowledge

He was clinically dead and woke up with powers and knowledge

Much has been said about that transition between life and death, waking and sleeping, where according to different testimonies, the living meet the dead and there is a great variety of spirits and spiritual beings of different hierarchies, such as angels. There is talk that at the border of this world with the beyond, these beings of light would be waiting for us there to lead us to the other side of silence. A famous European scientist confirmed this to be true; he was clinically dead and awoke with powers and knowledge.

Much has been said about that transition between life and death, waking and sleeping, where according to differ...

The famous tunnel to the beyond

This is something that Dimitre S. Assenov, a renowned nuclear engineer and geologist of Bulgarian origin, claims to have experienced firsthand and since then, his life was completely transformed. It was in 1967, when Assenov was on the verge of death due to a serious lung condition. He says that, in an instant of not being able to breathe, he was able to leave his physical body.

His health was very deteriorated and he was only 17 years old. He could not hear anything out of one ear and suffered from complex and strange symptoms, so it was not known exactly what his pathology was. But that day, her breathing was almost nil and she was close to losing her life. When he was detached from his body, he says he could hear and see the doctor telling his father that he should have strength, because his son would most likely die that very night.

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He felt his whole body floating in the surrounding environment. After the doctor’s conversation with his father, he heard him tell the nurse to prepare an injection of atropine, so that death would not be so agonizing. At the same time she could see his body lying on the hospital bed. He reached a point where he could see his friend and his father crying, while the nurse and the doctor looked at the body, but he could no longer hear them. There was only a great peace and silence.

Everything was gradually transforming. Suddenly, a vortex of light appeared, forming a tunnel, through which he felt motivated to travel through its luminous rings. He noticed that as he advanced, he was heading towards a dark place, but as he accelerated his flight, he saw the exit point of the tunnel and at the same time, the vivid scenes of his existence, from the last minute in the hospital until the moment of his birth, were appearing in his Consciousness.

When he was about to cross the tunnel, a strange being appeared to him, dressed in white with a shining tunic and a very strange face.

“We talked for a long time and, in the end, he told me that I could not stay there any longer, that I had a mission to accomplish and that I had to go back. He didn’t tell me at the time what the mission consisted of, but he told me that they would let me know when the time came, with all the details. Then I would know everything I needed to know. He slowly disappeared into the bright light. I tried to ask him, but he interrupted me, telling me that he would know all the answers when the time came,” Assenov recounts.

The man also tells how he saw a totally different dimension through a window that appeared in a beam of light in that tunnel. A world with other characteristics that are difficult to describe, according to Assenov. But suddenly, he felt that something was sucking him in and he was pulled forcefully into the vortex of the tunnel. It was there that he appeared inside his physical body again. The medical staff could not believe it. His family thought it was a miracle.

Side effects with psychic powers

He lasted a few days under observation and showed an accelerated recovery. But not only that, he had symptoms of having some awakened psychic faculties, such as seeing people with his clairvoyance, beyond their clothes and, if he wanted, their body, even seeing their organs and tissues. Likewise, he could consciously unfold himself at will, invoke that window and lean out to see whatever he pleased. Dreams became a kind of internet of knowledge and he could foresee the future.

All these faculties and more were developed as if by magic, after that near-death experience. In one of his journeys of knowledge, he met the same being in white and shining clothes with whom he had spoken in the tunnel in the beyond, on that occasion months before. This time, he told her about the origins of humanity.

This mysterious angelic spirit, full of wisdom, Asimov explains, told him that the Earth is a planet where the Universe experiments in order to bring forth superior beings, from humans themselves. He told him about other human races that have already inhabited here, but were extinguished in the remote past. He also prophesied that soon there would come a very serious change at a social and planetary level, due to astronomical movements of great relevance.

True or not, there are many and surprising testimonies of near-death experiences. All of them coincide with seeing spiritual beings, energy and a tunnel that joins this world with the other.

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