Ace of Cups Tarot Card Meaning

Curiosities - August 28, 2019

With the name of Ace of Cups is known this card that would occupy the number one position of this stick of the Lesser Arcanes of the Tarot. In this article we will explain a summary of the symbolic features of this card, as well as the generality of its interpretations, both alone and combined with other cards of this divinatory method that apparently dates from the Italy of the Middle Ages.

In this card we can see an immense right hand holding a huge golden cup on which the card W is inscribed. On this are many hypotheses that are handled, and while some point out that it is simply the first initial of the last name Waite, correspondingto the tarot printers known as Rider-Wite, others are inclined to think that in this card in reality there is a hidden message.

For example, there are those who claim that this card is actually an inverted M, which refers directly to Mary (may be the mother of Christ or Mary Magdalene) so this card would be evoking the Holy Grail itself. On the other hand, there are those who relate the card “W” also to an inverted M but which in this case would be related to the Hebrew Letter “Mem”, which can be translated as water.


Either way this card inaugurates the stick of the cups, which for most tarotists represent the element of water within the minor arcanes, and therefore speak or refer to the world of emotions, as well as intuition, fertility and the feminine.

Generally speaking, experts in this divinatory method agree that the appearance of this card in a reading always indicates the triumph of love, as well as moments of great romance and emotionality for those consulted. Likewise, although the cards with which it is accompanied must be taken into account, the presence of this card may indicate an upcoming pregnancy.

If on the contrary the consultant is single, the presence of the Cup Ace indicates the arrival of a new love, or the establishment of a new relationship that will be based on the purest feelings, since this is precisely what this card refers to, which could be translated as true love. It may also be indicating the birth of a baby.

Likewise, like all tarot cards, the Cup Ace also has a meaning if it comes to appear inverted, that is, head. In which case this card may be indicating that the consultant goes through a stage where he feels a lack of love.

Likewise this card may be pointing out that the person who consults needs to undertake a new change, leaving behind those feelings that may not be benefiting him to let in those that can lead him to a better state. In this sense the general meaning of this card in reverse may also be indicating that the consultant needs to definitely seek a new course for his life, both materially and emotionally.

In combination with other cards

Likewise, this chart also charges different results as soon as it is combined with others. For example, next to The Moon’s card, you can tell the consultant to be more attentive to their dreams, as they can surely be about to receive messages through them. Also next to the card of The Wizard tells the person that his life is oriented towards new knowledge.

In the company of The Empress this card can indicate total success. In another sense, the combination of cup ace and the Knight of Wands may indicate to the consultant the departure from a man with whoma deep feeling binds him, in the event that the person is a woman this combination may indicate a departure from his partner.

In a reading, next to the Wheel of Fortune may indicate that the consultant will suddenly find a great love. Alongside the card of The Lovers or Lovers this card means infatuation, as well as pointing out love proposals, even of marriage. Accompanied by El Loco, the Cup Ace warns the consultant about the existence of a woman who will try to meddle in her love affair to bring trouble.

Likewise, the Ace of Cups in the company of the menu of El Sol means the Full Joy. Next to the menu of El Mundo the Cup Ace may indicate that the consultant will feel a great fascination with a person who is about to meet. Combined with the card The Devil of the Elder arcane means that the person who consults the Tarot is about to begin to live a stage of great passion, whether he has a partner or is single.

If it appears inverted it also has specific meanings in combination with other cards. For example, next to La Torre the Ace of Cups can indicate the end of a relationship or a divorce, as well as the fall or disappointment of feelings. Likewise, together with the Cup Knight, the invested Cup Ace may indicate that the person will receive loving offerings that have no basis in the sincerity or good intentions of the person who makes them.

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