Nine of Wands Tarot Card Meaning


Nine of Wands Tarot Card Meaning

Named After Nine of Wands, this card occupies the ninth place in the suit of Wands of the Tarot Lesser Arcanes. On this occasion we offer a synthesis of the meanings and interpretations attributed to this deck by most experts in this divinatory method apparently emerged to the heat of the Italian Middle Ages.

Based on the Tarot Rider, in this card we can see in front of a young man, which some claim is dressed as a warrior of the Middle Ages, who finds a suit in his hand, in a defensive attitude as if trying to protect the wall made with wands, which is behind him.

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Likewise, some expert tarotists underline the bandage that this warrior wears on his head as a sign of a wound obtained in a recent battle. Which, combined with his body language that can be read as a highest alert, warns the observer that he will never be taken by surprise again, as the experience taught him to be prepared. In short, this card symbolizes the warrior who is ready to fight.


According to the experts in Tarot, the appearance of the Nine of Wands within a reading always speaks of the need to be alert and defensive. It also tells us about the need to be careful on the roads where we travel because we run the risk of getting hurt. So at all times we must act with a cool head, from reason and not only from emotion, because we can lose great things.

In this way we must have reason and be prevented, without this implieing stopping trusting the people around us, being in contact with our emotions or becoming aggressive beings. So although you have to be careful, you can not lose joy and confidence.

Likewise, as the tarotists dictate, this card also indicates that the consultant must be strong and constant, so that he can always rise up from any fall or stumble and be able to continue in the search for the goal or goal that has been set.

Like the character in the card, despite the wounds he must have the strength to heal himself and continue to defend himself in defense of what he believes in. For some even the wands behind this warrior may be representing the important things in their lives as well as their beliefs.

As for the specific plans of existence, the 9th of Wands also has specific meanings. For example in the work area this card speaks of the need to be persevering in what we desire. However, it may also be signaling to us that it is time to start from the place where we are, in search of new horizons, that allow us to conquer our own professional niches.

This card – and that’s why it’s important to analyze it in context – sometimes warns the consultant that maybe he’s been defending himself for a long time for defending himself when he has the opportunity to flow and seek his own space.

On an emotional level, this card also speaks of a relationship that has been maintained on the basis of the consultant’s defence of it. However – and for this we must take into account the cards next to which it appears – it may be time to let go of situations and that life takes care of itself, because many times we cling to what is justly difficult for us not by what it represents or we want it, without the fact that it is difficult and challenging.

So the best advice is to reflect on whether we’re really about what it means to be or because we decide and get used to fighting for that situation.

For health it is a well-aspected card, because it gives an account of the strength that the consultant has or the person for who wonders to get away with the ailments that afflict him. It may also refer to the constancy and perseverance that must be placed in the treatments indicated to achieve the cure.

Despite the situation this card tells us that the person has the necessary strength to continue fighting for his life and recover from ailments, whether small or large.

If it appears inverted

Like all Tarot cards, the Bullet Nine also has a specific meaning if it appears inverted, i.e. head-headed, within a reading. In this case it may mean that all the defenses used by the consultant have failed, and therefore the problems have exceeded it or are about to do so.

It may also be a warning that it is time to see things from another perspective, and that perhaps what we consider our enemies against those we must always be prepared against, may only be in our imagination. So sometimes you have to open your eyes and leave a little defensive attitude.

However, the Nine of Wands is one of the most should be analyzed in context, because it is the accompanying cards that will be able to tell the cartoonist the actual meaning or warning of this card, whether it appears to the right or if it appears inverted, and according to the field of existence that we are exploring with this divinatory method.

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