The True Story of the African American Hulk

The True Story of the African American HulkHulk is a fictional character created by the American company Marvel; he first appeared in 1962 in a comic strip under the name The Incredible Hulk.

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The muscular, which has become a worldwide success. It was designed by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby and was initially grey, changing to green from the second edition of the magazine.

Until now this giant had not had human competition, but it seems that this is changing from some photos that began to circulate widely on the internet and in which you can see a black man who could well exceed two meters in height and whose mus culature is absolutely robust, to the point that he has been christened the African-American Hulk.

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However, everything seems to indicate that the photo was a joke and that the photo has been retouchedin Photoshop and that the real African-American Hulk was just the work of an overflowing imagination.

However, there is some truth in all this because, it seems, the image is not entirely fiction, but it would be inspired by the American bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman, considered by many to be the most muscular man in the world and one of the highest snoopers of history.

Of course, Coleman’s traits were amplified to such an extent of creating a super-human that closely resembles what the Hulk would be in a human version, while moving away from what would be a human, even if it were a physicist-bodybuilder.

The apology to Coleman might well serve as an idea for some film producer to adapt this character for one of his films by creating a new black superhero, this time, something virtually unpublished in the cinema.

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