Page of Pentacles Tarot card meaning


Named Page of Pentacles, this card ranks eleven on the Pentacle slab, within the Lesser Arcanes of the Tarot. On this occasion we present a synthesis of the general interpretations made of this card by scholars of this divinatory method, which apparently emerged in Italy, during the Middle Ages.

In this card we can see in front of a very young boy, who is dressed in the face of a page. In his hands he ceremoniously holds a large gold coin, on which is inscribed a pentacle, sign of the element Earth, of which the Pentacle suit is also representative.

Thus, concentrated in the currency he holds, this young man seems to be in the middle of nowhere or in an isolated place, in the midst of nature. For most Tarot scholars, the location of this jack is a sign of its internal state, that is, that this young man is far from the world.


As for the concrete planes of existence, the Page of Pentacles also has specific meanings. For example, at the work level, this card announces the arrival of a great opportunity, so the consultant has to be alert and responsive to the doors that open. This way, if the person is looking for a job, a great deal may be just around the corner.

If on the contrary you already have a job, it is recommended to be very attentive, because precisely in your work you can meet someone who offers you better income, do not have to be afraid of change, especially if it is to grow. However, it is important to take into account the cards with which the Page of Pentacles is accompanied to have a better reading of the situation.

For its part, the economic field is also very well aspected with the presence of this card. So the Page of Pentacles can bring with it news of the arrival of important sums of money unexpectedly, it can be as a result of chance, through prizes or lotteries.

However, it is important not to lose sight that even if we have the advertised good luck, the best way to ensure a good income is work. Also the presence of the charter of the Page of Pentacles in a reading related to the economic plane may be announcing investments that bear fruit.

Likewise this card contains an important message for those who go through the stage of study in their life, for this card is considered the card of learning.

In this sense, the Page of Pentacles not only comes to remember the importance of training constantly, and to put the best of us in the task of acquiring knowledge, but to enjoy this stage, because what we sow today, we will gather it tomorrow in know-how , that will help us to have a better position, not only economic but professional, making us better every day.

According to the specialists in this divinatory method this card comes to speak to those young consultants who are still in university, but also sends a message about those who have already passed this stage and develop as professionals so that they don´t forget the importance of constantly updating and continuing to deepen their knowledge.

Likewise, the Page of Pentacles speaks of the importance of learning from the experiences of life. Learning is the key word of this card.

For the loving realm this card speaks of the need to put our feet on the earth, for sometimes our desires and longings don´t allow us to see reality. However, it is a card that speaks of the triumphs that bring with it perseverance, persistence and illusion. However not everything can be dreams, it is necessary to materialize them.

Tarot experts warn of the importance of seeing the cards with which it appears accompanied, however most of the time the Page of Pentacles speaks of platonic relationships or infatuations in solitude, although the character of learning that this card entails, so it may be referring to a stage at which we must learn from our mistakes.

If the consultant lives a loving relationship it is important that they try together to learn how to get out of certain crises from creating movies instead of sitting down to talk like two adults. The key words for this aspect is growth and maturity.

If it appears inverted

Like the rest of the Tarot cards, the Golden Jack also has a specific meaning if it comes to appear inverted, that is, head. In this case it takes a diametrically opposite meaning to the one in the right position.

For example, in terms of the economic plane, the inverted Oota de Oros may refer to a time of economic difficulty, in which the person suffers or is very difficult to get the money for basic subsistence.

Likewise, it refers to those who are pursuing an academic career who do not enjoy, in this case the consultation should be extended to see what kind of solution or future announce the cards, in order to know if it is best to look for other horizons or persist.

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Page of Pentacles Tarot card meaning
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September 11, 2019

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