The most mysterious objects in the world

Many impressive things happen in this world, but the conventional news media never show them to us. One of them is the discovery of strange elements and artifacts that have been found all over the planet, but that have no logical explanation so far. It is believed that several of them are due to extraterrestrial visits that used to frequent ancient civilizations. Some of them seem to be totally out of time. Next we will see: the most mysterious objects in the world:

The Kiev Astronaut

It is a metal statuette that, according to scientists, dates back to 2,000 years ago. It looks like an astronaut with a metal suit and helmet. Several researchers have tried to find some clue of this object, but few or insufficient data have been able to clarify.

The Toprakale spacecraft

It is a figure that has perplexed the world, especially because it looks too much like a manned intergalactic spacecraft. It was found in the ruins of Tuspa in Turkey. Archaeologists estimate that it is more than 3,000 years old. You can clearly see the cockpit of the ship, with a propulsion system in the back, along with the pilot who commands it inside, who curiously does not have a head.

The Quimbaya artifacts

They are pieces of gold and bronze, which are attributed to the Quimbayas, a culture that developed in Colombian territories in the year 1000 AD. Some specialists relate them to representations of animals, but there are others that affirm that they are modern aircrafts that at that time, according to history, it was impossible for them to exist. They were located on the banks of the Otún River and several of these are exhibited in the Gold Museum in the city of Bogotá. Others of these artifacts are known to exist, but experts claim that they have been taken out of the country.

The Voynich Manuscript

It is an enigmatic book with rich illustrations, but with contents that to date have not been deciphered. According to studies, it is a writing more than 500 years old, which uses an unestablished alphabet and a language never identified. Numerous analyses have been carried out by leading cryptographers, but none of them have been able to find a clue. For this reason, it is considered the “Holy Grail” of cryptography.

The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

Surprisingly, there are more than 500 petrified spheres, mainly in the southern part of Costa Rica. Because of their great quantity, perfection, details and size, many researchers think that these objects are not from this world. Each one weighs more than 16 tons and their diameter reaches up to 2.60 meters.

Other hypotheses attribute them to the indigenous people of this Costa Rican region, who lived in the period between 300 B.C. and 300 A.D. A major factor in this mystery is that most of them have been found next to objects of the “polychrome ceramics of Buenos Aires” class, typical of the years 1500- 1000 B.C. Science considers that this area of the world was inhabited since at least 6000 B.C. Several of these mysterious spheres have been scattered all over the world and are exhibited in museums and private collections.

The Lizard Man of Ubaid

This mysterious object was found in Iraq, by the archaeological center of El Ubaid. And not only this statuette has been found in these regions of the Middle East, but also other enigmatic humanoid figures with reptilian appearance. Their origin has not been deciphered.

Ancient airplanes

The artifacts that have been found and attributed to the Incas and other ancient civilizations are incredible. But the ones that have most perplexed archaeologists are the tiny, golden airplanes. At first they were thought to be animals, but then they realized that they were actually strange combat aircraft. All this has led to seriously think that the Incas had contacts with extraterrestrial races and there are those who claim that at that time these planes existed and had technology far superior to that known today, but history would have lied to us.

The most mysterious objects in the world
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