Top 3 Online Betting Apps of 2018

Top 3 Online Betting Apps of 2018

Online betting has transformed the gambling industry forever, as they provide easily accessible portals to place bets on a variety of sporting events. Online betting platforms have several advantages over their land-based counterparts such as the option to play without stakes, and the availability of rewards and bonuses, which make gambling online a much more lucrative option.

On a side note, if you prefer online gambling on a mobile yet slightly bigger devices than conventional smart phones, known as phablets, you must also check out these 19 best apps to make the most of it.

Since there are several online gambling apps on the market at the moment, we’ve combed through the bad apples and come up with a review of the top 3 online betting apps of 2018, which promise to give you a well-rounded and fulfilling gambling experience.

A detailed list of these betting apps is available at, to give you a thorough understanding of the technological capabilities and features of these portals.

Paddy Power App

First up on our list is the Paddy Power App. With hundreds of betting markets catering to several events happening around the world, Paddy Power has achieved a cult-like status in the betting community due to its ability to access any of these markets at the touch of a button. In addition to the wide variety of games and sports available on this app, it comes with a £20 one-time risk free bet, allowing you to try your hand at winning big sums like this British woman (read article on, without risking your own money. The app boasts of daily offers such as Money Back Specials on horse races, and Premier League match specials, making it one of the most rewarding apps on the market at the moment.

Bet365 App

At number two we have Bet365, a name that is familiar to most from advertisements in Premier League matches, but is especially well known for its range of features and the stability of its platform. Amongst other capabilities, Bet365 offers in-play betting which allows you to bet on any sport that is taking place live at the moment. This is a pretty interesting feature which makes it extremely convenient to bet on the game of your choice from the range of markets that are available on Bet365’s app. In addition to the in-play betting option, Bet365 also allows you to live stream sporting events to your smartphone, making it a fairly versatile online betting platform.

Top 3 Online Betting Apps of 2018

Coral Mobile App

The final app on our list is the Coral Mobile App, which has contributed significantly towards the revolution of the online gambling world (as can be read in this article on While Coral is more commonly known for its website rather than its app, the latter has been integrated into the secure website, to provide a seamless gambling experience. The app is easy to navigate, and offers a £20 sign up offer for players who make a £5 deposit. For some users Coral may appear to be a bit too comprehensive with its long list of sports betting markets, but once you get familiar with its interface, the same variety of betting markets will keep you coming back for more. Coral’s app has a few additional features in comparison to its website, such as the ‘quick bets’ and ‘cash out’ options which are useful features when you are wagering in a high-pressure environment.

On the whole, all three of these apps represent huge advancements in online gambling technology, and their unique features are testament to the changing nature of the gambling industry.

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