How to find great ideas for digital marketing plans

How to find great ideas for digital marketing plans

Where do great ideas for corporate communications come from? The answer is simple. They are born from an intuition, from a thunderbolt that is also triggered within a few decisive moments, and that in the following days and weeks will materialize in different forms, online and offline, depending on the objectives and the type of campaign chosen.

Sometimes, these great communication ideas are born in meetings, face-to-face meetings between people, but also from any conversation between the brand and its stakeholders, always able to give valuable insights for its online communication strategies.

Some brands, nowadays, are still convinced that in order to give birth to a great idea, one must necessarily turn to big consultants, renowned agencies or even some guru or influencer in the marketing industry, in the hope that with their help one can come up with a great idea to be used as the basis for the subsequent articulation of the campaign on social media, within the company’s online and offline channels. This belief is undoubtedly wrong, and it does not seem to take into consideration the best methods every brand has for achieving great results.

The origin of ideas

Big ideas can also originate from a phrase overheard during a coffee break, or from an exchange of views between colleagues just before entering the office, or even afterwards, when leaving the company to go home.

In other cases, communication big ideas arise naturally and with great ease during team meetings, during brainstorming moments, or even simply during a face-to-face meeting with certain very specific employees, such as those belonging to the marketing and communications department, the press office, and so on.

Those who cannot come up with an idea, in most cases, kick off the campaign in a hasty manner, posting seemingly unconnected content without any criteria, hoping to quickly accumulate followers, shares, likes and comments. Those without ideas usually put all their eggs in the quantity basket, even trying to initiate expensive sponsorships that will ultimately lead to nothing concrete, because what they are trying to push and promote massively is a nonexistent idea with no prospect of development.

The best ideas for communication, the most solid ones, can also come about as a result of a precise operational methodology that one usually learns only by working, and which in most cases is able to give insights of rare quality and incredible power.

This method finds expression in a few informal meetings that are routinely organized between a member of the communications staff (usually the team leader, perhaps assisted by a collaborator) and a third party, almost always a client who is familiar with the brand and its products.

During the meeting, an attempt will be made to converse mainly about issues concerning the brand and its services, letting the customer speak as much as possible and scrupulously noting down everything he or she says, not forgetting his or her impressions, the feelings aroused by the use of a product, and his or her expectations for the future.

In this mass of information, it is sometimes possible to find a golden nugget that could become the beating heart of the communication campaign, and that almost always relates to a hidden feature of the product, to a detail that until then had not been noticed, or to a particular aspect of the company’s history that until then had never been sufficiently expressed.

Coherent strategies

These insights should then be incorporated into a coherent communication plan, particularly online, where they will go to reinforce the brand’s image within its virtual communication spaces. If the idea is good, every channel available to the brand will benefit immensely, giving the impression of representing an interconnected set of platforms that always leads back to a single center, a core entirely occupied by the creative idea and its immense potential.

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