A film about South Korean sex slaves sweeps the box office


  • The controversial historical event is a source of frequent conflicts between South Korea and Japan.
  • You have reached the number 1 box office beating in Deadpool South Korean country.
  • An estimated 200,000 women-mostly Koreans and in the years of World War II were “comfort women”.

A film about South Korean sex slaves sweeps the box office

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A film about the sex slaves Korean Japanese Army, a controversial historical event that generates frequent conflicts between Seoul and Tokyo, has reached number one at the box office South Korea, said Thursday the Film Council of Korea (KOFIC).

the film spirits Homecoming , whose translation in Spanish would be “return to house of the spirits”, attracted last weekend to 153,783 spectators, which helped him oust the superhero movie American Deadpool, which added 138,057 viewers a week after its release in the country, according to the KOFIC.

the movie was exhibited in 507 rooms South Korea, a country of 50 million people in the film, especially the production national, continues to enjoy high popularity.

the film, directed by Cho Jung-lae, discusses the history of Korean teenage girls and forcibly recruited from the first half twentieth century to sexually satisfy the Japanese Imperial Army soldiers who then colonized the Korean peninsula.

An estimated 200,000 women -the majority in Korean years of World War II were “comfort women”, as it is euphemistically called these victims of sexual slavery.

the issue of sex slaves has caused in recent decades frequent friction between South Korea and Japan, becoming the main obstacle in bilateral relations.

the governments of both countries signed late last year an agreement to settle the matter, which provides for a formal apology from Japan and financial compensation of 1,000 million yen (8.1 million euros) to restore “honor and dignity” of the victims.

However, organizations supporting victims and part of society have opposed the pact as insufficient.


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