The ‘smartwatches’ from Polar, Suunto and Garmin, among the best deals of Black Friday

English - November 29, 2019

Every time are more people that are added to fever running and the rise of the popular racing proves it. However, there is a tipping point between being an athlete and popular a real amateur: technology. From applications in which to record yields athleticto the add-ons most advanced technology such as headphones bluetooth. But if there is something that can not miss in the outfit sports are smartwatches with GPS, which, in addition, allow us to know the heart rate, calories burned, training data in various types of sports.

By the Black Friday, Amazon offers up to a 30% discount on the models from Polar, Suunto or Garmin, among others, to encourage you and there is no excuse to enjoy the sport. We have selected some of the most attractive offers, in addition, have received the label Amazon”s Choice be products well-rated by users. A smartwatch with a GPS, record your heart rate and other metrics of swimming, in short, a device for multisport. So is the Polar Vantage M Amazon discount of 36% this Black Friday. Its price is going to convince, because of the 279, 90 euros that it costs usually, passes 179,90 euros in the colors white or black. If you still do missing more reasons, you just have to see that the clock is a Amazon”s Choice, a label that achieved with the good ratings from users. Yes, the offer ends tonight.

buy 179,90 €

Watch Suunto Spartan Sport Wrist HR fits more than 80 disciplines to provide different functions according to the need of the sport. So, you get optimal measurement, accurate and detailed training. You will only have to worry about regularly updating the software. Knowing the calories burned and the heart rate, the location, the altitude and the possibility of consulting the maps of heat depending on the routes are some of the basic features of this smartwatch, that is with a 35% discount (only until tonight) on Amazon and a final price of 169,95 eur.

buy 169,95 euros

The Polar Vantage V is one of smartwatches most comprehensive Polar and only today, 29 November, (and until midnight), have a discounted of 25% on Amazon. This watch is suitable for multisport and the best option for those who are discouraged with the sport of triathlon, thanks to its performances: the power of race in the wrist, GPS and barometer, monitor of swimming performance, analysis of training sessions, program of running and monitoring of routes. Those who want to maximize their performance have this Amazon”s Choice the price of 299,90 eur, in the colors white, black, or orange and size M/L. it is Also available the model that includes the chest band for a price of 359,90 euro, after applying the 35% discount.

buy for 299,90 euro

Those who want to enjoy a full clock, with a simpler interface and without the need of having a large number of professional functions, can opt for the model M430 Fleece, with over 50% off at Amazon. Has a price of 97,99 euros with the discount and, among its features, it includes the GPS, the registration of heart rate and the function of sleep analysis, among others.

buy 97,99 euros

The model 735XT Garmin is the most suitable for those who require some advanced data of your entertainment. In addition, it has the technology of heart rate built to promote comfort and avoid the band of heart rate monitor (check Garmin golf simulators too). Now has a 46% discount on Amazon with a price of 189,99 euros. It is also a Amazon”s Choice by the positive reviews of users.

buy it for 189,99 euros

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