The true story of Pokemon

Among the latest animated series, Pokemon is one of the most successful ones, captivating thousands of children,young and even adults. Pokemon is a famous animated saga, created by The Japanese Satoshi Tajiri, first broadcast in Japan on February 27, 1996.

The true story of Pokemon

Pocket Demons

From a very young age, Satoshi showed an interest in insects of all kinds; He collected them in large quantities and then selected them to include in his collection.

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He was very fond of video games and thanks to this, he managed to be hired as a test player, which represents a coveted job in Japan, as they pay his employees to play, before they go on the market. In 1989 I created a magazine, with a great friend named Ken Sugimori.

The famous series began as a popular video game, created for Creatures Inc, which is a subsidiary of Nintendo.

The objective of the game was to capture in an artifact called “pokebola” strange creatures very similar to insects and mostly mythological beings of Eastern culture that are called “pokemon” or pocket monsters, to train them in combat.

Today, more than 720 are over. These hundreds of beings are classified into 18 categories and are related to the five elements: water, earth, fire, air and ether. The 18 categories are a conjunction of these five elements, so there are pokemon that contain various elements that give them various capabilities and powers.

The anime is very popular around the world and stars Ash Ketchum, a young man who is well known for being a pocket monster trainer, and alongside Picachu, a pocket monster that accompanies him in every chapter, they search the world for more monster s pocket to capture them, train them and finally, participate in famous tournaments.

Behind this fantastic story, critics claim to have found sinister things, which at first glance are an innocent child’s game, but deep down, pocket monsters are terrifying beings that supposedly allude to demons.

There are famous pokemon that has a hidden history, that not everyone knows, because there are researchers who,out of leisure or out of interest, analyze these complex series deeply.

It is no secret to anyone that Japanese series are very complex in their structure, because they include mythology and grammatical keys, images, symbols, among other aspects.

There has been much speculation about the origin of Cubone, a pokemon that beheaded his mother and uses her skull as a helmet. Most pokemon are shown associal, withdrawn and depressed. These behaviors, from the point of view of Psychology, are transmitted to the public, as people often identify with the unrealistic situations shown to them by television.

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