Karni Mata, the temple of rats

Karni Mata is known as a Hindu deity, she is said to be a reincarnation of Durga, the goddess of war and wife of Shiva, in the Hindu belief, in which they have many gods and each one possesses specific virtues.

Karni Mata, the temple of rats

An exclusive temple

The Hindu culture is very rich historically, socially and gastronomically, but particularly this temple is very visited by tourists, because the biggest attraction is the almost 25,000 rats that roam all over the place and are also cared for by the Hindu believers who they give them food as an offering.

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It is an unusual tourist attraction, because it is not very used by Westerners to give this treatment to rats, but there it is different because the Hindus give a value to life, without discriminating between species, color, and form. They have the belief of the universal form that contains God in all things and in all beings. These rats like milk and this has been considered as the main offering.

Rats are treated as deities, because they are believed to be the reincarnation of the warriors of an ancient tribe that lived in India.

To this temple, as is customary in Hindu culture, one must enter barefoot and it is quite a sight to see all those rats walking from one place to another. Unlike most rats, they are friendly and do not scare humans, but instead look for them because they know they will feed them.

If among the crowd you can see a white rat, this is a sign of fortune, wealth, etc.

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