The world’s youngest mother

Curiosities - August 22, 2019

Normally a girl can get pregnant at twelve or thirteen years of age, with menarchy, which marks the beginning of her menstrual period; and many girls are pregnant at that age. However, there is a girl from the last century who breaks the whole norm and goes beyond all this.

Image 1. The world’s youngest mother

Some people feel helpless

It is Lina Medina Vásquez, of Peruvian origin and who was born in 1933. The young girl became the youngest mother in the history confirmed in the medical records as she became only 4 years and eight months pregnant.

In principle it was thought that her bulging belly would be the result of some tumor, so her father led her to the nearest town where the doctors performed the respective examinations. The opinion was that the girl was pregnant.

Lina had begun menstruating at two years and eight months of age, which allowed her to get pregnant and have her son, whom she named Gerardo Medina, but who was raised as her brother, although she would later learn that she wasn´t her sister, but his mother. Lina never confessed who the father of her son Gerardo was, who died at the age of 40 of a strange illness that attacked her spine.

His father was arrested for several days on suspicion of rape. However, when he was released, suspicion fell on one of his brothers. The unusual case has given rise to all kinds of speculations in the Huancavélica region and throughout Peru. Some even came to believe that she was a kind of new Mary, a virgin who had conceived by the work of the Holy Spirit or by the work and grace of the sun God.

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