Mother Shipton’s prophecies: the woman who four centuries ago predicted the arrival of the Internet and much more

Curiosities, English - November 25, 2022
Image 1. Mother Shipton’s prophecies: the woman who four centuries ago predicted the arrival of the Internet and much more

It is about an English seer, who was born in 1488. She was able to predict important historical events and according to her, cataclysms will devour the planet more and more.

Her original name was Ursula Southeil, now known as Mother Shipton. She was a woman of English origin, who was born in 1488 when the well-known monarch Henry VIII ruled. She was born in a cave and because she was an illegitimate child, her mother gave her up for adoption when she was only two years old. The girl from a very young age, she manifested impressive psychic gifts.

She is considered the most revered and admired prophet in all of England, especially in the Tudor dynasty. At that time it was believed that with her only pronouncing her name, the calamities that she predicted would come true. That’s why if they had to refer to her, they did so in her whispers. Over the years, as a sign of respect, she would henceforth be called Mother Shipton.

Just as Nostradamus was forced to encrypt his prophecies in quatrains, fearing trial for witchcraft at the inquisition, Mother Shipton decided to do the same and enshrine her visions in rhyme and verse. It was in the year 1559 that she produced a poem in which she synthesized her best known prophecies. Here’s a quick look at Mother Shipton’s chilling prophecies:

Mother Shipton’s Prophecies

In the following sentences, the elderly psychic predicted what, according to the researchers, would be the emergence of automobiles and communication technologies such as the internet and social networks:

“Carriages will run without horses and accidents will fill the world with sorrow. Thoughts will fly around the earth in the blink of an eye. How strange, and yet they will come true.”

Another shocking vision was what seems to be the birth of the film industry and the use of aircraft and submarines in armed conflicts and the second global war:

 “When paintings seem to be alive and freely moving, when ships like fish swim under the sea, when men like birds cross the skies, then half the world bathed in blood will perish.”

Something that seems to be true to the letter is what she anticipated about trends in women. She affirmed that after they emancipate themselves from their traditional role as wives, mothers and housewives, the number of divorces and births would also increase and the world population would begin to decrease enormously, although everyone believes that it is the other way around.

“In those amazing and distant days, women will adopt the desire to dress like men, and they will wear pants and cut their manes and hair. They will ride astride with foreheads of bronze, as witches do in our times, Love will cease and they will marry no more and towns will diminish as babies diminish.”

In the following verses many believe they see, which refers to what is currently happening with Eastern countries such as China and Russia and the emergence of an evil that would be like a plague:

“The yellow men will gain great power from the mighty bear, whom they will help. These tyrants will not succeed in dividing the world in two, but from these acts great danger will arise. And an intermittent fever will leave many dead.

One of the prophecies that most terrifies those who have studied Mother Sshipton is the one that possibly refers to a third world war and, like Nostradamus, she attributes its cause to the countries of the East:

“Ay, ay, The war will come from where the Turk and the pagan dwell, who will get involved in a fierce fight looking for how to annihilate their lives. When the north divides the south and in the jaws of the lion the eagle nests, then tax, blood and war will come to every humble home.

As if that were not enough, Mother Shipton also asserted that humans should face different extreme and devastating natural events:

 “As man approaches the last century, three sleeping mountains will unite his breath and release ice, flame and death. Earthquakes will engulf cities and seas will rise and flood coastal regions.”

And of course, she did not neglect what humanity has waited for so long, even five centuries ago when she was born: contact with aliens and beings from other worlds:

“A silver serpent will see and cast out men of strange countenance, mingling with the new earth… these strange men will clear the minds of future man. These will mingle and show how to live. And the golden age will begin again.”

Like this woman, there have existed in other times and in other places, very accurate and enigmatic clairvoyants, such as Benjamin Solaris Parravicini, from Argentina, who in many of his prophecies has been completely correct.