What does XD mean? Origin and history

The internet has created a new way to search, save and retrieve information, buy or interact with people. But it has also created a specific form of language known as “chat language”, and that has already been taking shape with the use of mobile devices with the generation of text messages.

What does XD mean? Origin and history

Its origins are virtual

However, with the heyday of the internet it has taken full form. And within this chat language one of the best known emoticons,or emoticons is the XD, particularly used in instant messaging chat conversations, either by Facebook, WhatsApp or others, as well as on different social networks.

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An emoticon is the representation of a face by the characters allowed by the conventional keyboard and whose purpose is to convey a feeling or mood by the user using the emoticon.

In the specific case of the XD emoticon what is intended to be communicated is an mood in which the person initiating communication or message suggests that he is cheerful, that he is laughing. But it goes beyond the traditional happy face and gets to the point of laughing.

XD is used when something has seemed funny to us, either in response to something someone has expressed, or for what one self has expressed.

The origin of this singular emoticon can be found in the Japanese comic, in which, when the characters laugh at some situation, they cannot suppress the feeling and end up lay down on the ground with an X depicted on their face.

It became world-renowned for the famous animation series South Park which used the symbol repeatedly in its chapters so that it ended up becoming something very natural that was extending to the point of becoming something natural and part of our Culture.

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