When Should You Replace Your Old WiFi Router?

When Should You Replace Your Old WiFi Router?

Your wireless router is a device that you shouldn’t think about much once you install it because it can give you a reliable home network for many years while requiring little to no maintenance. But as a wireless router is an electronic device, just like other electronic devices, you will need to replace it sooner or later.

Most people buy a wireless router or WiFi hotspot like the LPB Piso WiFi once, and then they forget about replacing it or changing it. Experts recommended that after 5-7 years, you should replace your wireless router. So if you want to replace your wireless router, how do you know that it needs to be replaced? Well, below we have mentioned some signs that will make it evident if you need to replace your old WiFi router or not.

Slow Internet Speeds

If your internet speeds have become slow over time, it might be time for you to replace your old wireless router. If your ISP is providing you with good internet bandwidth and speeds and still your internet is crawling rather than zooming, then it means that your WiFi router is the culprit here and needs a replacement. The most common problem with old WiFi routers regarding slow internet speed is that these routers cannot support faster connection speeds being provided by ISPs nowadays, which leads to a slower internet connection.

Frequent Disconnections

If you are facing frequent disconnections or dropouts in your internet connection, it might be a huge sign that your router needs an upgrade because it is not able to maintain a stable signal. This problem usually occurs when you have WiFi that’s 5–10 years old and the router’s hardware is outdated.

Sometimes this problem might arise from your ISP side, but if everything is fine from there, it means that your router needs to be replaced.

Outdated Security Features

If your WiFi router has outdated security features, you need to upgrade it, no matter what. Cyber threats and attacks have become highly sophisticated and complex in recent years. Cybercriminals are coming up with unique ways to attack your home network. Therefore, to keep your home network and all of the connected devices on it secure, you will need a router with up-to-date security features.

You can check the security features of your current WiFi router on the box that it came in or on the default gateway address, like Nowadays, all WiFi routers come with WPA3 security encryption, which has become an industry standard. So, if your WiFi router has WPA2 or WPA, it is time to upgrade.

Incompatibility with Newer Devices

New devices, such as new smartphones, laptops, or smart home gadgets, might now work seamlessly with old WiFi routers due to the differences between WiFi protocols and hardware. Therefore, if you have recently bought a new device and it is not working properly with your old WiFi router, you need to upgrade it.

Physical Wear and Tear

Sometimes, physical wear and tear can also be a sign that you need to replace your router. How well a router is maintained can also be an indicator of whether it needs an upgrade or not. So, if your router has been through a lot of physical wear and tear or has endured harsh conditions, it might not function optimally as it should, and hence, you should replace it with a newer one.

No Longer Receiving Firmware Updates

Lastly, if your WiFi router is no longer receiving firmware updates from the manufacturer, you need to replace it. Manufacturers release firmware updates to enhance routers’ performance, security, and compatibility. So, if your router isn’t receiving these updates, it could become vulnerable to security issues, and you should consider upgrading it or replacing it with a newer one.

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