They confirm that aliens and the Galactic Federation do exist

They confirm that aliens and the Galactic Federation do exist

Increasingly, individuals from high official positions from different countries appear, who confess what had always been suspected: aliens from all over the universe are already among us. This is Professor Haim Eshed, a retired Israeli army general, who surprised the world at the end of 2020, when with all the seriousness of the case he went out to the public to confirm that this has always been kept secret “because humanity is not prepared” to face the evidence, according to his words. On this occasion we present: Aliens exist and walk among people.

Humanities on all planets

As if that were not enough, also the former director of Israel’s space security area, who served in his position for more than 30 years, on December 19, 2020, before an interview with a renowned media outlet, said promptly that the United States and Israel have been dealing with aliens for decades and that there is also a so-called “Galactic Federation”.

The former Israeli general believes that there is an underground base on the planet Mars, where US agents live alongside some representatives of extraterrestrial humanities. Something that caused a lot of echo was the general’s tremendous affirmation that Donald Trump himself, US president, was about to reveal all this information to the entire world, but the aliens themselves would have stopped him because they estimate that humans would not yet be prepared. to assimilate it.

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Haim Eshed made it very clear that beings from other worlds have human bodies very similar to ours and that is why many of them walk among us without us noticing them. He further adds:

“If I say this now and not five years ago, it is because they would have taken me to the hospital for saying it before,” says Eshed, who adds more details in his book The Universe Beyond the Horizon such as that aliens have prevented nuclear disasters. Now I have nothing to lose, I have my prizes, my titles and I am respected in universities abroad”.

“UFOs would be manned by “other life forms beyond the physical world”, former CIA director.

The revelation of the UFO phenomenon gains more and more force by the declarations of important government figures in the world. In this case, the very same director of the CIA under Barack Obama, John Brennan, went public in December 2020, to confess that various videos of unidentified flying objects taken by the Pentagon passed through his hands. He promptly said:

“I’ve seen some of those videos of Navy pilots, and I have to tell you, they’re pretty amazing when you look at them.”

In that same year, 2020, the Pentagon decided to declassify some videos of UFO sightings flying with unusual patterns, among which one captured in 2004 by Navy officers stands out, an elongated white object like a tic tac, which took off at a impressive speed when the pilots approached it, in the vicinity of the Pacific coast.

John Brennan likewise warned:

“We try to make sure that we have as much data as possible in terms of images and also, different types of sensor collection, maybe technical, that you have at the moment. You really have to approach it with an open mind, but get as much data as possible and get as much applied experience as possible. Life is defined in many different ways. I think it’s a bit presumptuous and arrogant of us to believe that there is no other form of life anywhere in the universe.”

Revelations from a U.S. Government official

According to this senior official of the United States government, the chances are very high that there are many and varied different life forms throughout the universe and that possibly, some of these races would be the crew members of the ships and unknown objects that have been captured, throughout the years.

More and more high-ranking government, clerical, scientific and military officials are joining in the unraveling of the UFO phenomenon, as if there were a plan behind all this. For example, the former Minister of Defense of Canada, Paul Hellyer, also joined all these revelations and has assured that:

“Aliens have been visiting our planet for thousands of years, and much more activity has been generated in the last few decades, since we invented the atomic bomb. They are very concerned about that fact and about the possibility that we will use it again.”

When it comes to extraterrestrials, there is much that is kept hidden, but every time certain things are declassified, perhaps for some strange purpose. The truth is that thousands and thousands of people have been able to see some UFO, or several, and have even been able to capture them with their smartphones.

These events signal that the revelations will continue to the point where the day of the big official announcement arrives. The question is: is humanity really ready for a revelation of extraterrestrial life?

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