How to add a WhatsApp bubble chat like Messenger

English - January 16, 2020

Image 1. How to add a WhatsApp bubble chat like Messenger

many years Ago now that Facebook included in Messenger for Android the bubble chat, but it has not been until recently when Google has decided to jump on the bandwagon. Android 10 includes native support for this type of notifications, but are the developers who must incorporate them.

If you want to have bubble chat on WhatsApp but don’t want to wait to deploy the application -and that, on the other hand, may never happen – fortunately, there are applications that are apañan to function as bubbles of chat to WhatsApp and other apps messaging. And they work very well.

First application

What is normal when you receive a new message in any messaging application that is to receive a notification. After, you touch it and go directly to the chat from the that you just to talk, or use the quick answers of the latest versions of Android.

The bubbles of chat are a way a little different, since it is a floating bubble on the application you’re using at that time. The main advantage is that, in addition, when you tap on it, you can respond without leaving the app you’re using.

Image 2. How to add a WhatsApp bubble chat like Messenger

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That is exactly what you get with WhatsBubble and other similar applications. We have chosen to WhatsBubble in this tutorial because it works well, although there are other apps that could serve as FlyChat. WhatsBubble is compatible only with WhatsApp, but you can add support for Telegram, Messenger, and Instagram with the Pro version, by subscription.

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Then the permissions

The first time you open WhatsBubble you must grant the necessary permissions. They are simply two: the permission to be displayed on top of other applications (and often your mobile be awarded automatically), and the most tricky permission to access notifications.

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This permission is absolutely necessary for the functioning of the application. You will find the privacy policy here that, although it is a bit generic, it establishes that you do not use this permission for any other purpose nor will it be retrieved or transmitted personal data of the notifications to no one. After grant permission, you’re ready to start receiving notifications bubble in WhatsApp.

Optional: set up the bubble

The default configuration of WhatsBubble replicates quite accurately the bubbles chat Facebook Messenger, but the advantage is that here you can customize your appearance. To do this, open WhatsBubble and there you can change the size of the bubble, the transparency, add an edge to your design or your behavior.

Image 5. How to add a WhatsApp bubble chat like Messenger

Not only can you configure the bubble itself, but also the chat window opens with the touch of the same. WhatsBubble. Yes, the designs are virtually identical, pretending to be a window of WhatsApp.

Already, your WhatsApp has bubbles

Image 6. How to add a WhatsApp bubble chat like Messenger

If you’ve used the bubbles of chat Messenger, you won’t have trouble to get the hang of WhatsBubble, because it works just as well. When you receive a new message, the bubble appears, and displays a preview of the message for a few seconds. If you tap on it, it displays the whole message.

From this preview window you can see the last messages of the same contact and reply directly to without the need to enter into WhatsApp. It works perfect for a normal text message and emojis, but you’ll have to open WhatsApp (with the button at the top) to send photos, voice clips and others. As always, you can close the bubble by sliding them to the bottom of the screen.

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