How to know what processor, RAM and storage have my Android mobile

How to know what processor, RAM and storage have my Android mobile

Once the model of a mobile phone was synonymous with a closed list of technical specifications, but today a mobile phone can be available with a multitude of versions of memory RAM, storage and even with processors different depending on the region.

If you are not sure of how much RAM, storage or what processor you have on your mobile, here you will learn how you can consult it from the phone itself. This will be useful if you have purchased the mobile second hand, in the extranjero or you’re just not sure of the data.


Generally the same model of mobile phone has the same processor, so that in the majority of cases, you can rely on the technical specifications of official to find what should be the processor of your mobile phone. However, there are exceptions, as happens with many models of Samsung are launched with Exynos processor in some markets and Snapdragon in other.

If you want to check what processor you have your mobile, you have two options. Some layers of customization -as EMUI – include the data in About phone, although this is not common in Android and pure substitutes. In such cases, you will need a specific application to get the data, still CPU-Z one of the most popular.


CPU-Z is a reliable way to obtain many technical specifications of the mobile phone of a glance. In the tab SOC you will find all the information of your processor (what core you have and what speed are they running), but if you just want to know the name, you’ll find in the next tab, in the Device and row Hardware.




If you want to know how much storage you have your phone, you’ll also find it in specialized applications such as CPU-Z and some layers to include in the menu About phone, but if is not your case so you can check without installing anything.

To do this, go to Android Settings, and go into the section Storage. There will be a summary of the storage used up to the moment and the total available. If there is a memory card in the system, it also shows their total size and used.


Memory RAM

Knowing how much memory RAM you have on your mobile can be a bit more complicated if your mobile is not included in the section About phone and don’t want to install any app just for this. It is possible to without installing anything, although before you need to activate the developer options (or programadores, as it is now called).

Since the developer options are enabled, the first paragraph that appears above all is Memory. From there you can see the total memory in the text in small, indicating the average memory used.


If you want to see more data, tap on Memory, to open the full information and see which apps are using most of your memory, the percentage of average use, the total memory and available, being able to consult the data for various time intervals.

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How to know what processor, RAM and storage have my Android mobile
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January 15, 2020

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