UFO crashes in a cemetery: The Latin American Roswell Case

UFO crashes in a cemetery: The Latin American Roswell Case

Something that has been surprising the world in recent years is the declassification of some secret files related to the UFO phenomenon and extraterrestrial life.

Among these, an event that occurred in the south of Colombia stands out, where a UFO would have fallen in a cemetery, but later, the event was jealously classified by the North American Air Force, but now it has come to light. Let’s see the story:

In a detailed report, prepared by Colombian military authorities, it clearly states that an unidentified flying object crashed in the cemetery of the city of Pasto, department of Nariño, in 1956. Then, the remains were duly transported and hidden by the Intelligence Service of said nation.

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Said report also states that shortly after, special intelligence teams from the US Air Force arrived to take full charge of the matter, classifying the file as Project 10073 and for the exclusive use of the Air Intelligence Center of the Wright Patterson base, located in Dayton, Ohio, commanded by Colonel G.W Crabbe. Currently, it is known as the Aranda Case.

The Wright Patterson base is known within ufological investigations, as the place where the mysterious Hangar 18 is located, whose function is to collect the remains of extraterrestrial or buried ships from centuries and millennia ago, together with objects and even presumed bodies of the occupants, within which are also the remains of the well-known Roswell case.

Strange men in black

In the declassified document, it can be clearly read that several squads of US military intelligence mobilized for several years in the city of San Juan de Pasto, since 1956, due to the enigmatic accident in the middle of the cemetery.

There are many witnesses who affirm that an object actually fell from the sky in the middle of the holy field and immediately, strange agents began collecting the metallic pieces, in collaboration with the Colombian National Police. At that time, the local media could not be silenced and the case was widely covered.

One of the most widely read national media at that time in Colombia was the newspaper “El Intermedio”, which on July 7, 1956, published a story on the front page with a headline that read:

¿Dishes? flyers?


The modern legends about the existence of “Flying Saucers” became very topical today. Indeed, a man named Luna, who provides his services in the Nuestra Señora del Carmen cemetery, in the city of Pasto, appeared yesterday at the Ecos de Pasto Radio Station carrying strange metal pieces, apparently remains of a war artifact. The particles were collected in the holy field, located in Aranda, at around 8:30 p.m. after eight violent and deafening explosions were heard.

Mr. Luna says that space was covered with a thick cloud of blue smoke so intensely bright that he had to apply a wet handkerchief to his eyes. The remains found by Mr. Luna were handed over to the Police in order to establish their origin. The people of Aranda are intrigued by the strange event and eagerly await to find out the causes of the phenomenon.”

Due to the commotion created by the news, the Wright Patterson Air Force Base had to speak out and at that time, came out to say that it was almost impossible for them to send an investigative party, due to the difficulties of moving to said South American city, which by land it cost them more than 3 days on land, from Bogotá, the capital of Colombia.

An excuse that almost no one believed, because aside from the fact that many witnesses saw the US agents, it is illogical to think that government agencies of such a spirit were not going to have means of transportation and the necessary resources. But recently, with the official declassification of these files, it is known that the Wright Patterson Air Force Base was actually aware of the situation all the time and took the remains of the artifact.

There are many details of this case that is similar to that of Roswell, when artifacts from outer space collided with Earth and secret intelligence agencies quickly arrived at the impact site, took everything they found and tried to silence and distort the events.

Colombia is one of the countries where people report more UFO activity and the whole world is wondering why now, these secret U.S. intelligence agencies and other powers are declassifying these files that for decades had remained silent and even the U.S. government itself has recently confirmed what had been expected: that we are indeed being visited by intelligent beings with ships of a technology far superior to ours and that this has been happening since ancient times.

Roswell is a town in the state of New Mexico, United States, which became famous due to an alleged incident in 1947 in which a UFO crashed near the town. Many conspiracy theories have surfaced over the years, claiming that the U.S. government covered up the truth about the incident, and that the object that crashed was an extraterrestrial craft. However, most UFO experts and government investigation have concluded that the incident was probably caused by a military weather balloon. Despite this, Roswell remains a popular site for UFO and ufology enthusiasts.

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