What is Mobile App Explainer Video?

What is Mobile App Explainer Video?

Mobile app explainer videos have become a common addition to software marketing strategies. Read below to understand what they are, why they’re made, and where to get the best services.

Combining the software industry with video marketing was only a matter of time, especially since both areas experience mega loads of traffic. As of 2021, the global mobile app market size hit a whopping $133 billion- a 20% increase since the previous year. And based on this, statistics project the industry to hit $170 billion by the end of 2022!

It’s why experts and businesses in the mobile app industry have taken their promotion plans to the next level with the latest scope of video marketing- app explainer videos. And this angle works wonders, proven by the 82% of global internet traffic gained from videos in 2022. But not everyone knows what app explainer videos are for or how they’re made. And for those who do, not knowing how to make one for your product or service may be an obstacle in your path.

Mobile App Explainer Video – Definition

A short video describing an app’s functions, design, and perks is a mobile app explainer video. It’s usually brief and to the point and comes with catchy graphics and animations to captivate a viewer while explaining the app’s functionalities. The average animated video for mobile applications is kept within the 60 to the 90-second duration for maximum brevity. And they’re usually designed to capture the specific users of the attached app, encouraging them to consider the product or service on its app store.

Why Make a Mobile App Explainer Video?

As proven above, the app market is becoming heavily competitive. With over 250 million apps downloaded daily between 2019 and 2020, it’s safe to say the market is saturated, so your app may get overshadowed. Also, conventional marketing techniques are no longer enough to create awareness amidst such overwhelming traffic. It’s why creating an avenue that puts your product in the limelight through these advantages;

Targets Specific Users – An app explainer video does what most competitors don’t- it speaks directly to the customer you need. While traditional video marketing uses a broader approach, app explainer videos are more streamlined, sifting through the millions of potential customers to pick out your intended target.

Educates Viewers – By teaching the viewer what your app does and how it does it best, app explainer videos help users fully understand your product’s functions. They’re also great for exposing information about the problem the users hope to solve through how your app does.

Speeds Up Purchasing Decision – Instead of leaving users to contemplate numerous attractive app options, an app explainer video helps viewers reach decisions faster when downloading your app. As they point out how the app serves the potential user, it simplifies picking what works best for them.

Increases Traffic – Short video content is easy to view, which explains why they’re the most widely used video on social media and website marketing. And since app explainer videos are informative short videos, they help increase awareness about your brand and product, generating massive traffic to your landing pages.

Increases Downloads and Sales- The time wasted on deciding is shortened when the user knows precisely what to expect from a viewed app. And that’s what an app explainer video does for the product. Since the videos are short, the purchasing decision is quickly reached, and sales and downloads are potentially increased. A recent survey has proven that 88% of people who watch an app explainer video tend to download the app.

Who Needs a Mobile App Explainer Video?

Mobile app explainer videos are essential for businesses wanting to increase app store downloads. This means that all mobile app designing and production brands and products should consider using them. They’re ideal for companies that build games, utility, social media, lifestyle, information, productivity, and entertainment mobile apps. And they work for marketing strategies on website pages, landing pages, app store download pages, social media homepages, short video ads on YouTube, in-app video ads, and launch campaigns.

Where to Get a Mobile App Explainer Video?

Mobile app explainer videos are an excellent way to show the world why your product stands out. But even if you search online, the thousands of agencies offering you their services can be challenging. Plus, you can’t tell if the agency you’re talking to can provide exemplary service for your product. That’s why you should always bank on an explainer video production company like Zelios Agency, as we specialise in making powerful app explainer videos that convert viewers into customers. We focus on the best features of your apps to give your viewers the best reasons to consider them at the app stores. And we utilise spectacular illustrations, robust animations, and quality infographics that keep the audience glued from start to finish.

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