Best Tips for Online Whiteboard Collaboration

Best Tips for Online Whiteboard Collaboration

Document management is essential to helping companies improve their workflows and stay organized. There are many ways to implement a successful document management strategy like using PDF editing tools or an online whiteboard app to help increase collaboration between remote and in-office workers. An online whiteboard enables teams to work together on the same project regardless of where they are located. It digitizes the board-room staple – a whiteboard – and puts it into the virtual realm so it has added features like PDF editing tools to help edit PDF documents. 

What Is An Online Whiteboard? 

An online whiteboard is a digital version of the everyday office whiteboard found in offices and boardrooms worldwide. A physical whiteboard is a canvas for employees to brainstorm and organize their thoughts and ideas to tackle a specific project. An online whiteboard has the same function but has greater reach and is necessary for offices that are remote or online. 

An online whiteboard is physically on a screen that all collaborators can see and touch. Everyone with access can contribute and everyone with access can see what people are adding. The online whiteboard lets all team members visualize their ideas with images, words, or sketches that can inspire or motivate everyone else. 

The online whiteboard is also useful in helping teams come up with ideas, which is another popular use for whiteboards in offices. Teams can begin with a few words or base concepts and extract solutions or formulate plans based on what has already been discussed or talked about during the brainstorming session. 

Are Online Whiteboards Good for Collaboration?

Online whiteboards help foster collaboration the same way that real, physical whiteboards have for years. The only difference between the two is that an online whiteboard is accessible to anyone wherever they are, whereas a physical whiteboard only exists with team members in the same room. 

An online whiteboard connects various team members who need to work synchronously or asynchronously, so employees in different time zones can contribute when they are able. These changes are then saved on the whiteboard so other members can see the changes, comments, or annotations. 

How Can Remote Teams Collaborate with Google Docs 

Remote teams have various tools and applications available to them to help them connect. One of those tools is Google Docs since it is widely available, feature-rich, and easy to use. Google Docs is connected to all the other programs in the Google Workspace suite so it has many different collaborative tools.  Remote teams can use Google Docs to create new documents, add comments and annotations, and send documents to other team members. Google Docs can also act as a PDF editor since the program can convert PDFs into editable documents. You can then make your edits, and convert the file back into a PDF.

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