The World Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah


The World Tarot Card Meaning: Kabbalah

With the name of The World this card occupies the twentyth place of the Great Arcanes of the Tarot.In this article we will explain a synthesis of the symbolic features of this deck, as well as of the general interpretations that those who have dedicated themselves to the study of this divinatory method, the origin of which apparently dates back to the Italy of the Middle Ages.

In this card we can see head on the figure of a woman, tucked only by a ribbon of purple cloth, who is surrounded by a laurel crown, a spice that for most is a symbol of victory.

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In each corner of this chart are the figure of the head of a being, among which we count a human being, an eagle, a bull and a lion, which is interpreted by some as the representation of the four elements (land, fire, air and water) although there are other expert symbols that prefer to associate the image of these four beings with the Christian evangelists John, Mark, Matthew and Luke four figures.


In general, most tarotists agree that this card is synonymous with triumph and full success, being able to sum up its meaning with the phrase “the world at your feet”. Thus Te World Card is interpreted by the cartomantics as an extremely positive card, which points out that the consultant will emerge victorious and triumphant from the situation he is going through or wishes to face.

Also several streams of thought associate this card with other symbols. For example, for the Cabalistics The World Card is related to the Hebrew Letter Shin, as well as to the zodiac sign of Scorpio, while esotericism prefers to link it with the element Water.

For its part the numerology believes that this card represents the number twenty-one, which would be formed in the light of this discipline by the sum of three times seven (7+7+7) number that is considered as divine for the followers of this current, and which added in this form gives or the number par excellence associated with the gift of divination.

Similarly, this card is interpreted specifically according to the plane of existence that is intended to be analyzed. For example, most tarotists agree that this card indicates to the consultant on the material plane that he will live a moment of full energies, which will allow him to carry out everything that is proposed.

As for the emotional plane, the appearance of this card indicates that the person will overcome his crises, and will also be able to overcome or learn to live with certain processes, indicating a growth and a new stage in life. On the other hand, in the spiritual realm, this card represents the circle that is completed, which can be translated as a stage of full realization.

However, it shouldn´t be overlooked that the analysis of this card must be carried out taking into account the letters which are accompanied by the reading, so that they are the ones that indicate to the cartoon the positive or negative sign of the cartoon.

As for slightly more specific plans, we have to present The World card within a reading focused on analyzing the final result of a specific situation will always tell the person who asks that all the circumstances given are found so that achieve total triumph and what you want.

If, on the other hand, the consultant wants to identify a specific person, the appearance of this card may be pointing out to a person of very good energy, who is characterized by his fresh and happy character. It may also mean, according to what some experts in this method claim, that someone who is far away has thoughts for the person who consults.

Likewise, the love field is also very well aspected in the presence of this letter, since its appearance in a reading can indicate strong love bonds, wedding realization, romance, and can even augur a pregnancy. If the person is single, this card warns him of the arrival of a new love.

Likewise, health is very well when this card appears, which tells the consultant that he is in very good health. If you encounter any breaches, the presence of this card indicates that the consultant will be restored.

However, it is necessary to take into account the letters with which it is accompanied, since the positive sign of this card may changeif it is accompanied for example by The Tower Card, in which case the person is warned about possible accidents or diseases, that if not taken care of they could have fatal results.

Likewise, The World card a long with The Cart´s card doesn´t predict positive things, as most tarotists point out this combination could be alerting about a possible traffic accident.

As for the work plane, the appearanceThe World Card augurs great success. In fact, if the consultant is thinking of accepting a new job offer or starting his own company, the appearance of this card tells him it is time. In terms of economics, this card also speaks of the point of being a good time to make investments, or to sign contracts.

And if it appears inverted

Like the other tarot cards, the World also has a specific meaning if it appears inverted, that is, head. In this case it would no longer have such a positive meaning, however you should always see the accompanying letters. Thus, on the loving plane, the appearance of this card in reverse would be signaling that the couple is going through a severe crisis of communication which keeps its members separate. Romance needs to be reactivated.

On the health side, the presence of this card inverted may be pointing out some health problems,especially those related to the lung or respiratory part, which could lead the consultant to keep a few bed days.

In the workplace, the inverted The World Card would also be warning the consultant about communication problems in the office. Therefore the consultant should try to have more control over the correspondence, the memos, trying to leave everything in writing. In terms of economics, this card speaks of the need for austerity, as the consultant risks falling into undue debt.

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